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2602911 - Country specific for field id definitions for Recruiting Operators in Multi Stage application


Is it possible to configure country-specific application fields which are visible only to Recruiting operators in the multi-stage environment?



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The permission blocks for the application permissions within the job requisition template (as part of the multi-stage application) do not include the country attribute to restrict the country of the permission. To configure country-specific application fields in the multi-stage environment which are visible to other operators than the applicants, it is necessary to first configure the overrides in the application XML template which are changing the public attribute of the field from “false” to “true” and then omit the field id in the permission blocks for the “C” role in the job requisition XML template.

For example:

We want to make the field “Is it Early Talent?” field editable only for Recruiters and only, when the country of the job requisition is “United States”.

  1. Configure the field definition in the Application XML with the public attribute “false”:

<field-definition id="customEarlyTalent" type="picklist" required="true" custom="true" public="false" readOnly="false" anonymize="false" forward-intact="false" sensitive="false">

  <field-label mime-type="text-plain"><![CDATA[]]></field-label>

  <field-label mime-type="text-plain" lang="de_DE"><![CDATA[Ist es ein Early Talent Kandidat?]]></field-label>

  <field-label mime-type="text-plain" lang="en_US"><![CDATA[Is it Early Talent?]]></field-label>

  <field-label mime-type="text-plain" lang="fr_FR"><![CDATA[Is it Early Talent?]]></field-label>

  <field-label mime-type="text-plain" lang="ja_JP"><![CDATA[Is it Early Talent?]]></field-label>


  <field-description lang="de_DE"><![CDATA[Ist es ein Early Talent Kandidat?]]></field-description>

  <field-description lang="en_US"><![CDATA[Is it Early Talent?]]></field-description>

  <field-description lang="fr_FR"><![CDATA[Is it Early Talent?]]></field-description>

  <field-description lang="ja_JP"><![CDATA[Is it Early Talent?]]></field-description>



2. In the application XML Template, define overrides to the following field for the country in question:





    <field-attr attribute="public" value="true" applicant="both"/>


  <field refid="customEarlyTalent"/>


3. To hide the field from the Applicants, simply omit the field definition ID in the application permission blocks for the “C” role defined in the job requisition template. To make the field visible for the Recruiter, add a permission block to this field for the “R” Role, e.g.:

<field-permission type="write">

      <description><![CDATA[R can write to the following fields in the application during the Offer Process.]]></description>


      <status><![CDATA[Offer Approval]]></status>

      <status><![CDATA[Prepare Offer]]></status>

      <status><![CDATA[Offer Extended]]></status>

      <status><![CDATA[Offer Accepted]]></status>

      <status><![CDATA[Post-Offer Background Check]]></status>

      <field application-field-id="customAdditionalAttach" />

      <field application-field-id="startDate" />

      <field application-field-id="statusId" />

      <field application-field-id="customAdditionalAttach" />

      <field application-field-id="customTypeHire" />

      <field application-field-id="customEarlyTalent" />

      <field application-field-id="startDate" />

      <field application-field-id="endDateContract" />

      <field application-field-id="customProbPeriod" />

      <field application-field-id="customNoticeDuringProbPeriod" />

      <field application-field-id="customNoticePeriod" />

      <field application-field-id="customBaseSal" />

      <field application-field-id="customBasePayFreq" />

      <field application-field-id="customTargetBonusAmount" />

      <field application-field-id="customFinalSignOn" />

      <field application-field-id="customVirtualHire" />

      <field application-field-id="customCarAllowRequired" />

      <field application-field-id="customCarAllowAmt" />

      <field application-field-id="customCarAllowanceMonths" />

      <field application-field-id="customOtherAllowanceDetails" />

      <field application-field-id="customLTI" />

      <field application-field-id="customRelocAmount" />

      <field application-field-id="customOtherCompDetails" />

      <field application-field-id="coverLetter" />

      <field application-field-id="resume" />

      <field application-field-id="questionResponse" />


Note: With this approach, the field " “Is it Early Talent?” is visible on the application form only to Recruiters and only, if the country of the job requisition is United States. This is just a sample configuration, field id's can be different to the ones shown here.

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