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2596940 - You Cannot Change the Posting Date in a Supplier Invoice In Process


You are creating and saving a New Supplier Invoice. The Supplier Invoice has the status In Process. You now want to change the Posting Date of the Supplier Invoice but this is not possible as the Posting Date field is grayed out.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Supplier Invoicing work center.
  2. Select the Invoices and Credit Memos view.
  3. Show All Documents.
  4. Find Supplier Invoice ABC (ABC refers to the relevant Supplier Invoice ID).
  5. Click Edit.

Although the Supplier Invoice ABC has the status In Process, the Posting Date cannot be changed as the field is grayed out.


In the scoping activity Document Numbering Formats for Supplier Invoicing, for Document Type Supplier Invoices and the relevant Company ID, you have maintained the Posting Date for Year Suffix Selection Date.

When creating and saving a new Supplier Invoice, the system assigns a document number to the Supplier Invoice based on the configuration maintained for Supplier Invoices and the relevant Company ID in the scoping activity Document Numbering Formats for Supplier Invoicing.

If the Posting Date is maintained for Year Suffix Selection Date, the Posting Date is an integral part of the number assigned to the Supplier Invoice, and cannot be changed after saving the Supplier Invoice, because in this case the Year Suffix would have to be changed as well and the whole document number would have to be regenerated.

Since Invoices are legal documents that in many countries by law have to be created and posted in sequence, the system doesn’t allow the change of the Posting Date after the Supplier Invoice has been saved if the Posting Date is configured as Year Suffix Selection Date.

If there is any invoice , whose ID  has year suffix, that is being determined from the posting date, the changes to Posting date will no longer be allowed once the invoice id has been generated and assigned to invoice irrespective of invoice status.

Which means once ID is generated even for in process invoice or invoices which have not yet been posted the posting date will be blocked for editing once the invoice is saved. This will be deployed in all  systems in 2005 release upgrade.

Which also means

Even within same year if they want to change the  posting date we don’t allow


If your use case allows it and you don’t need the Posting Date to be configured as Year Suffix Selection Date, you can adjust the configuration of the scoping activity Document Numbering Formats for Supplier Invoicing accordingly.

  1. Go to Business Configuration Work Center.
  2. Select the relevant Implementation Project.
  3. Click Open Activity List.
  4. Select Fine Tune tab.
  5. Show All Activities.
  6. Find Document Numbering Formats for Supplier Invoicing.
  7. Click Open.
  8. Click Insert Row.
  9. Select the relevant Company ID and for Document Type choose Supplier Invoice.
  10. Enter a Prefix Value and select a Separator.
  11. Check Calendar Year as Suffix and Restart Doc. ID Each Cal. Year.
  12. Leave the Year Suffix Selection Date empty.
  13. Click Move Up Row.
  14. Click Save.

This newly created row will now determine the Document Numbering Formats for Supplier Invoices for the relevant Company ID. As Posting Date is not maintained as Year Suffix Selection Date, you will be able to change the Posting Date after creating and saving new Supplier Invoices for the same Company ID.


If you just want to change Posting date then only way is to void or cancel teh existing invoice and create new one with corrrect posting date


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