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2591655 - Performance analysis when using SAP HANA Live Data Connections in SAP Analytics Cloud *** Master KBA ***


  • You experience performance problems opening or refreshing stories that use a "Live" connection (or model) to HANA using a Direct Connection (CORS).
  • Changes in your story take a long time and sometimes your browser asks you if you want to "wait" for the page to load.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP HANA Live Data Connection via Direct (CORS) connectivity type


1. General

The fist step is to narrow down if you experience a general performance problem or only with a particular HANA system or Calculation View.

  • Explore data: Use the option of exploring your data so other input controls or linked models may be affecting the performance of your story.
  1. Go to the menu Create > Story.
  2. Select Access & Explore Data.
  3. Select the model icon (cube) - Data Acquired from an existing model.
  4. Select your model from the dropdown menu that is connecting to the HANA using Live Direct Connection.

You can compare the time taken to display measures and dimensions in exploration mode vs. your story. If it's a significant difference, you may start simplifying your story.

2. Specific Calculation View

Usually performance problems are related to complex Calculation Views created in HANA that require complex authorizations or calculations that slow-down retrieving measures.

Using a simple calculation:

  1. Create a very simple Calculation View in HANA studio
  2. You only need data from a table using some measures and dimensions. Use a simple aggregation method
  3. Create a "test" model using this calculation view and explore the data to compare the performance

3. Capture the time spent in each chart

Usually performance problems are related to complex Calculation Views created in HANA that require complex authorizations or calculations to complete. To identify problematic charts or tables that your browser sends to HANA, there are the following tools to help you troubleshoot:

3.1. Capturing browser requests

You can use Chrome Development Tools or Fiddler to capture network traffic between your browser and SAP HANA. You can search for the queries used to retrieve data from HANA as follows:

  • https://<HANA_SERVER>:PORT/sap/bc/ina/service/v2/GetResponse
  • You will see two different requests, one per chart/table widget: OPTIONS and POST.
  • Examine the time taken by the POST requests, as follows:


In the tab Timing, you can find how long that request took to complete and how long it took to send and receive the information.

  • Each request has its own Session and Step ID which can be traced back in the HANA MDS server component to find out which request takes the most time.

3.2 Capturing performance information in SAP HANA

Let's have a simplified picture of all the items affecting the performance between your browser and HANA.


In this very simplified picture there are 3 areas that can affect performance of a chart or table widget:

  1. The network: your browser will be requesting HTTPS connections to HANA directly and will make intense use of the network, its cache and memory.
  2. InA Service (Multidimensional Services or MDS): These are the services that transform the results back to a language that a SAC (browser app) can understand: json.
    • More information about MDS 2670064- FAQ: SAP HANA Multi-Dimensional Services (MDS)
  3. Index Server: This is shared among other HANA clients, it's the time that HANA requires to run the calculation, aggregations and everything else to return your data.

The following SAP Notes can help analyze issues when experiencing performance problem between SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP HANA:

  • 2525191- How to use SAP HANA MDS tracing with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?
  • 2691501- SAP HANA MDS: Information needed by Development Support

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