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2585332 - Tenant Certificate Renewal for SAP Cloud for Customer


You have a working communication arrangement in your Cloud for Customer (C4C) tenant and you use certificate based authentication. You notice that the messages from C4C to your external system start to fail with 'Unauthorized(401)' errors. When you check the certificate, you see that the validation date has changed.


SAP Cloud for Customer


The client certificate is renewed once per year. This is a standard renewal process and cannot be disabled.

There are two tasks/notifications generated to all key users via Business Task Management (BTM):

  • to notify that the certificate renewal will be attempted during the 1st day of the next month;
  • to notify that the certificate renewal was successful. 

Whenever the tenant certificate is due to be renewed from the operations end, an e-mail is triggered to the IT Contacts maintained in the system with the subject 'Tenant certificate is going to expire soon'.

SAP has a background job which keeps a check on the validity period of the tenant certificate. This job runs at the start of every month and if the tenant certificate is going to expire in the next 60 days, it will automatically renew the certificate and triggers the notifications with the subject 'Tenant Certificate has been renewed'.

If the expiration date is between 60-90 days from the job's run date, then it will trigger the notification with the following subject: 'Tenant Certificate is going to expire soon'. The reason for the second notification is to inform the customer that the certificate will be renewed in the next run.

NOTE: the Hosting team do not send a default e-mail to the IT Contacts for the expiration and renewal of M-user certificates.


In case you wish to subscribe for the e-mail notification for the task, you need to configure it explicitly. To enable the Subscribe to Task option, you need to:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Implementation Projects.
  3. Edit the project scope and go to the question tab of: Communication and Information Exchange > Business Process Management > Business Task Management
  4. Flag the question asking to send e-mail for the task.

Once the above question is scoped, the Subscribe to Task option should be available and after subscribing for the task, the notification will be sent to the responsible user from the next time.

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