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2581940 - Released Quantity Exceeds Target Quantity in Purchasing Contract


You create and send the Purchase Order ABC (ABC represents the Purchase Order ID) with the Purchasing Contract XYZ as a source of supply (XYZ represents the Purchasing Contract ID).

The Purchasing Contract XYZ contains an Item with a set Target Quantity and an Over-Delivery Tolerance of 0%.

This Item is used in the Purchase Order ABC and a quantity greater than the Target Quantity is ordered. The warning message Item W: Target quantity of contract exceeded appears but the Purchase Order is still sent (W represents the Purchase Order Item ID).


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Purchase Requests and Orders work center.
  2. Go to Purchase Orders view.
  3. Show All Purchase Orders.
  4. Find ABC.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Select Check.

The warning message Item W : Target quantity of contract exceeded appears.

  1. Go to Sourcing and Contracting work center.
  2. Go to Contracts view.
  3. Show All Contracts.
  4. Find XYZ.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Go to Items tab.

For the affected Item, the Released Quantity is greater than the Target Quantity and the Over-Delivery Tolerance is of 0%.


There is no hard restriction based on the check of Released Quantity and whether it exceeds the target quantity maintained. You can order more than the Target Quantity but a warning message will be raised to inform you.


This is expected system behaviour.


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