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2580459 - Error Message: Product XYZ in Planning Area ABC Planned with Failures; While Running Material Requirement Planning(MRP)


You are running Material Requirement Planning (MRP) for a product XYZ (XYZ represents the Product ID) in Planning Area ABC (ABC represents the Planning Area ID) but the system is showing error message:

Product XYZ in Planning Area ABC Planned with Failures.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Supply Planning work center.
  2. Select the Products view.
  3. Select All Products By Selection from Show drop down and select Advanced link.
  4. Enter XYZ in the Product ID field and ABC in the Planning Area ID field.
  5. Choose Go button.
  6. Select the searched product and select Open button.
  7. In the Product Planning Details screen, select either Single BoM Level or Multi BoM Level from Run Planning drop down. System shows error message: Product XYZ in Planning Area ABC Planned with Failures.


The cause will be explained with the following example:

You have maintained Lot-Sizing-Method for Product XYZ as Lot-for-Lot. It has a demand of 250 EA in Planning Area ABC. So as per Lot-Sizing-Method MRP run should create supply of 250 for this demand.

But you have maintained Maximum Lot Size as 150 EA in the Production Model for Product XYZ in Planning Area ABC. Therefore, MRP is not able to create a supply with a Lot Size greater than 150 EA.


  1. Go to the Planning and Production Master Data work center.
  2. Select the Production Models view
  3. Select All Production Model by Selection from Show drop down and select Advanced link.
  4. Enter XYZ in the Product ID field and choose Go button.
  5. Select the Production Model corresponding to Planning Area (or Site) ABC and choose Edit button.
  6. In the production model screen, go to the General tab. Here, you can check that the Maximum Lot Size is maintained as 150 EA.
  7. Change the maximum Lot Size to a value greater than or equal to 250 EA as per your business requirement.
  8. From Release Production Model drop down, choose For Planning and Execution.
  9. Finally choose Save button.

Now, if you again run the MRP, system will not show any error and will create supply against the demand.


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