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2577546 - Frequently Asked Questions - SAP Support Expert Chat - SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer


SAP Support Expert Chat has been launched for SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and detailed steps explaining how to use this service is explained in the blog here.

What are the best practices and frequently asked questions while using Expert Chat with SAP Support for SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer products?


1. What is Expert Chat?

  • Expert Chat is a real-time support channel with live and direct access to an SAP Support Expert, creating a faster and more direct route to issue resolution.
  • Expert Chat is only available for new, product-related, technical enquiries in English language.
  • Expert Chat channel is not open for PDI (Partner Development Interface, SDK) and Integration Topics 

2. Who can start Expert Chat?

  • The business user of SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer who has S-User ID can start an Expert Chat.

3. How and where to access Expert Chat?

Click on -> Help Center -> Select "SAP Support Expert Chat" (Under Help Resources)

SAP Support Expert Chat.PNG

4. Who will I be chatting with?

  • When you open a new chat session, you will be connected with a trained SAP Support Expert. There are no robots or automated responders.

5. What are the mandatory fields in the chat form to initiate an Expert chat?

  • Expert chat will be initiated post filling below fields:

        Description – Enter the query / subject for which you want to initiate the chat.

        Application/Expert Area -  Enter the concerned business area.

6. What kind of questions should I submit via chat?

  • You are welcome to use the chat functionality to get assistance for any technical problems for which you were not able to find an answer in an SAP Knowledge Base Article (KBA), the Help Documentation or the SAP Community.

7. If the SAP Product Support Expert is not able to answer my question during the chat session, will I need to start the incident submission process again?

  • In this case, Support Engineer will be creating an incident on behalf of you referencing the chat session ID. This will facilitate exchange of the incident between your system (SAP Launhpad) and the SAP Support System.

8. Why do I receive an error message “We are sorry, there is currently no expert available to live chat with you in the area you have selected?”

  • Currently there may be no support expert available for the chat service in the application area you have selected. You may try later or send an incident instead.

 9. What are the coverage timings for Expert Chat?

  • Expert Chat is available 24x5 during business days and business hours when an SAP Support Expert is available. On weekends and public holidays, this service is not available.

10. Can I escalate an incident via Expert chat?

  • No, we recommend contacting the Support Hotline for requesting an accelerated attention to an existing incident.

11. Can I receive an update for an existing incident via Expert chat?

  • No, we recommend contacting the Support Hotline for getting clarity on the status of an existing incident. We recommend using SAP Expert Chat for scenarios where you would like technical clarification in relation to an update/reply/solution provided in the incident. In this case, please enter the SAP Incident number into the corresponding field of the chat form.

12. Can I refer to the Expert Chat session information at a later time?

  • Yes, In the Chat window you have the option to send the Transcript to E-mail.



13. Are there any technical restrictions to use Expert Chat (supported browser, security settings, etc.)? Which browsers are supported?

  • Yes, before starting Expert Chat, you need to make sure that several sites are accessible by company web access policy from any supported browser.

  • SAP Knowledge Base Article 2392095 describes all the requirements for a successful Expert Chat session including recommended firewall configurations and list of supported browsers.

14. Can I start multiple chat sessions on the same topic?

  • We do not limit the number of chat sessions. However, we recommend you start only one chat session per problem or question. 

15. Can I attach a document?

  • Yes. Expert Chat supports file attachment

16. Do I have an option to screen share with support in Expert Chat?

  • Yes, screen sharing is possible, provided you grant permission for it.

17. Do I need to provide my consent to the SAP Product Support Expert before screen sharing?

  • Yes, this is mandatory. SAP product support experts will always send a request for screen sharing and only post receiving the approval screen sharing will be initiated.

Chat Screensharing 1.PNG

18. Do I need to install any software for screen sharing?

  • No. When you a have agreed with the SAP Product Support Expert to start a screen sharing during the Expert Chat session, then you will be prompted to download a "GoToAssist Corporate Opener" standalone application which carries out the screen sharing.

Chat Screensharing 2.PNG

19. During the screen sharing will the SAP Support Expert have access into documents, files and applications on my PC?

  • No. During the screen sharing session, the Support Expert will only be able to see your screen and has no access to your computer and system. You can pause or stop the screen sharing any time.
  • As a best practice close all the applications and documents are not related to your technical question (email software, document, etc).

20. Do I have an opportunity to provide feedback/rate a session?

  • Yes, there is a customer satisfaction survey after the Expert Chat interaction. Please make sure that the popup windows are enabled in your browser.

    Chat Feedback.png


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