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2576942 - Overview on Standard Performance YouCalc Tiles


  • Standard Performance YouCalc Tiles
  • Overview of standard tiles of Performance domain


  • Youcalc Tiles
  • Dashboard 2.0


Performance Form Status:

  • This Tile shows the route map step name of performance forms that are in progress.
  • Forms that are completed show the status text.
  • If there are multiple route maps used you will see all steps from all route maps.
  • If the step names are identical, they will be combined.
  • If the route map has had steps renamed, you may see more steps than currently in route map.
  • For example, if some forms had a step called Goal Setting, then the route map was renamed Objective Setting for new forms, the pie chart will show a slice for each name.

Performance Overall Rating Distribution:

  • This Tile counts the number of forms by overall performance rating label.
  • The x-axis displays labels defined in the rating scale used to give the ratings. 
  • Forms must have an overall performance rating label to be shown in the chart.
  • The rating must have a rating scale ID to appear in the chart.
  • The rating scale must have a value in the user’s language.
  • Standard Tiles Overview Performance Management
  • If the labels in the rating scale have been changed since the form was saved, the form will not appear in the chart.
  • Unrated forms will not appear.
  • If multiple rating scales are in use the chart could look a bit strange. 
  • If forms have multiple owners they will appear several times in the list view.

Performance Form Distribution:

  • This tile is used to see if there are users that have no forms or people that have more than one form.
  • Counts the number of forms per user.
  • This tile combines a list of users from employee profile with the count of forms from performance management.
  • Users in the employee profile list that are not found in the list from performance management are marked as having no forms.
  • The drill down list is the employee list from employee profile.
  • Deleted forms are not included.

Performance Forms Overdue:

  • See if there are users that have forms overdue.
  • Shows the overdue of performance forms that are in progress.
  • Deleted forms are not included.



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