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2576104 - Ticket Assigned To Random Service Technician In Resource Scheduler When Using Auto Dispatch


When creating a ticket, you selected responsible Service Technician and required time frame. Ticket was released for scheduling but selected Service Technician was not available in the required time frame. In the Resource Scheduler, you can see that this ticket was assigned to random Service Technician available in the required time frame.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Service work center.
  2. Go to the Tickets view.
  3. Select New.
  4. Enter details including Service Technician, Requested Start Date and Time.
  5. Click Save and Open.
  6. Select Actions > Release for Scheduling.
  7. Go to the Resource Scheduler work center.
  8. Go to the Assignments view.
  9. The ticket was assigned to random Service Technician who was available in the time frame required in the ticket.

You expect that the ticket is assigned to the Service Technician selected when creating the ticket. If Service Technician is not available in the required time frame, you expect to see notification that Service Technician is not available.


You are using Auto Dispatch scheduling method in Resource Scheduler.

Auto Dispatch scheduling method is used to create automatic scheduling without user intervention. After the ticket has been released for scheduling, it allows the system to create assignments in the background. Automatic assignments are based on the availability of Service Technicians and the number of assignments already existing in the system. The system searches for a Service Technician available in the required time frame with the least number of assignments. If multiple Service Technicians match the criteria, then the system randomly picks one.


If you want to decide which Service Technician should be assigned to the ticket, you may consider using Manual Scheduling option. With Manual Scheduling you can choose when and for which Service Technician to create the assignments.

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