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2575909 - Slowness and performance in Reports - Online Report Designer/Canvas


  • The first time you open an ORD/Canvas report in the day, the page takes minutes to simply open (Initialising..) and start to run the report
  • ORD reports are running slowly and taking more time to complete than before
  • A simple report with a couple calculated columns is taking around 20 minutes to finish
  • An Advanced Reporting report with around 70 columns and 15 tables are taking more than 20 minutes to complete


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  • The first time we open ORD/Canvas, there is no cache yet and it takes more time to load all the information (the server cache is cleared every 24 hours)
  • The number of the fields (columns) returned by the query directly impacts the performance.
  • In cloud applications, especially during business hours, the performance will vary. If we run the same report in quiet vs busy hours, the time to complete will not be the same. Sometimes, even running the report in busy hours, it can run faster because on that specific point in time the server was not overloaded.
  • Complex RBP, with many roles and rules.
  • With Pivots, the inclusion in the query of columns that are not needed
  • Hide Duplicates option will often increase the time to run. With this option “off”, the results can be streamed from the database to the output as they are fetched from the database. However, with Hide Duplicates “on”, the entire database results must be brought into memory, sorted, and then de-duplicated. Report processing must wait until that query phase is completed.


  • It is an expected behavior to take more time to load ORD/Canvas page the first time you open a report in the day. However, the second time you run any other ORD/Canvas report, the page will load much faster due to the available cache.
  • In case you need this report running faster you can follow the options below:
  1. Reduce the number of the fields
  2. Remove unnecessary different tables
  3. Apply filters
  4. Set a smaller target population
  5. Reduce the date range


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