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2567767 - Header and Footer (wrapper) do not appear on the apply page, the login screen or Candidate Profile (CSB) - Recruiting


The RMK wrapper corresponds to the Header and Footer sections. The wrapper allows for style consistency between RCM and RMK, offering a seemless transition for candidates between the two systems. 
The wrapper appears on the apply page, on the login screen or Candidate Profile
This KBA outlines the main causes of the wrapper not loading. Note that most of the checks involve access to the Backend of Both RMK and RCM so can only be carried out by Partners, Professional Services or Support.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing
  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management
  • Career Site Builder
  • Mobile Apply


Here are the main possible causes and resolution for a missing wrapper:

Note Mobile apply must be enabled: See the see also section for information on Mobile Apply.

  1. There are no jobs on the RMK site: Make sure there is at least one published job in RMK or the wrapper will not load.
  2. A valid SSL certificate is not installed: Make sure a certificate is installed and in date.
  3. The configuration is incomplete or incorrect:
  • In Provisioning: Under "Configure Recruiting Marketing Datacenter URL", make sure the URLs for the fields "RMK Portal URL" and "RMK Job Search URL" are populated with the RMK site URLs. As per the RMK inplementation guide : 
  • There are no hard technical requirements for the RMK Job Search URL, but it is recommended to leave it as the portal URL, especially if unspecified by the client.
    The portalURL has to be the RMK homepage. The RMK Portal URL needs https:// and nothing after the .com. The RMK portal URL should match the URL in Command Center.
  • In the CSB configuration: Some Javascript has been included in the Header/Footer in the CSB configuration and this may have broken the wrapper.
    Custom JavaScript used in Career Site Builder will be stripped out of the header and footer during the RMK to RCM integration. This applies to all RMK and RCM integrations that use a CSB site (Candidate Account Simplification, SSO, RCM mobile apply on or off). For a consistent look and feel between RMK and RCM, CSB Admins should not apply custom JavaScript that will affect the visualization of the header and footer. The intent of the custom JavaScript is primarily for web service tracking like Google Analytics.

How to test for issues with the wrapper:

Add the preview parameters to the URL: https://{site domain}/services/wrapper/preview/ E.g. 
If you do not see the header and footer, but only a pink box, Content area, there is an error on the Recruiting Marketing site causing an issue.
If you see the headers and footers in the wrapper preview URL, but not during the apply process, this means you have a configuration issue, so review the configuration setup in both Command Center and Provisioning as per the previous points.

Note you can also preview the wrapper with a specific brand and locale: https://{site domain}/services/wrapper/preview/?micrositeid={microsite ID}&locale={requested locale}

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