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2556665 - How Percentage Rate is Calculated in Overhead Distribution Runs


The Overhead Distribution Run percentage shown by the system is not what you expected and you want to know the basis on how system is calculating the percentage.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Cost and Revenues work center.
  2. Under Periodic Tasks navigate to Overhead Distribution.
  3. Search for the run XXXX-XX-XXXXXX.
  4. Navigate to Processed Successfully tab and you find the percentage shown for the receiver cost centers





How the percentage (%) is getting calculated.

  1. Distribution Amount / Sender Amount * 100
  2. Sender Amount you get it from the Cost Centers - Line Items, filter with company, sender cost center and period settings.


Sender Cost Center amount is 346 INR


 For all the lines the percentage is showing correctly and you may notice sometimes due to some reason, the percentage is showing incorrectly for a particular cost center but the Distribution amount is correct.


Note: In the Overhead Distribution run, under the processed Successfully tab, if you find tha the Percentage is showing incorrectly then try to check if the distribution amount is correct or not. This below explaination is for the case where only the display of % is incorrect for one affected cost center but the distribution amount calculation happened accordingly to the actual % it should have taken.

As per the calculation, it is suppose to be 55.5 % for cost center 503 but system is showing it as 29.27 % inspite of that the distribution amount is taken based on 29.27 % only.

So, the issue is only with the display of the incorrect % instead of the amount only.

  1. Run the Cost Centers - Line Items report as per the selection criteria and include the sender cost centers for the selected periods and get the total cost to distribute ( include the GL Account ( origin ) and pull those GL Accounts assigned as per the Group of G/L Accounts ( origin ) that is assigned in the distribtution rule. ( Amount: 346005 )
  2. Similary, perform the report for All the receiver cost centers included in the distribution rule and also with GL Account (origin). ( Amount: 32739236 )
  3. For the affected/receiver cost center which shows a different %, take the total cost for this cost center. ( Amount: 18178448 )
  4. Calculate distribution amount i.e., Total Cost that you got from step 2 / Total cost from step 3.
  5. Calculation against cost center 503:
    Distribution Amount => 18178448  /32739236 * 346005 = 192119.141 (equivalent to 192210, after rounding off)
  6. To understand from where system is picking 346005, do the following.
  7. Edit your distribution rule and you can notice that it is assigned to Group of G/L Accounts (origin)  XYZ and Financial reporting structure PQR
  8. Check the financial reporting structure PQR, to know the list of GL Accounts assigned for example GL 0001, 0002, 0003.
  9. To summarize, Cost received at cost center: 40 is 18178448, Total cost of all receiving cost center is 32739236, Total cost received at sender cost center is 346005.
  10. Percentage =>9583784/32739236 * 100 = 29.27 %, how this amount is coming, Distribution factor => 9583784 / 100 = 95837.84.
  11. Note: this 9583784 amount is the first line amount in the cost center line items report for the affected cost center with the filter including its GL Account (origin).
  12. While, only the above amount is taken for the display of % and you can ignore this % only when the Distribution Amount is correctly calculated but there is only a display of % is wrong.


If the above case hold good in your case, you can ignore the display of % since the amount is posted correctly and that is what is needed with this distribution run posting. If the distributed amount is incorrect then report an incident for analysis.


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