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2555827 - Data Keys for Federal I-9 Physical address,Mailing address and I9 Translator panels-Onboarding


  • I-9 Panels are compliance panels and Customer would like to know the key for below mentioned 3 panels:
  • I-9 Physical Address,Mailing Address and I-9 Translator Panels.


  • Applicable To All Data Center.
  • Onboarding
  • Compliance panels.


  • Please find below keys:

        1.I9 Translator panel keys:

textbox name="txtZip" key="TranslatorZip" /> <textbox name="txtZip4" key="TranslatorZip4" /> <dropdownlist name="ddlCountry" key="TranslatorCountry" text_key="TranslatorCountryName" /> <dropdownlist name="ddlState" key="TranslatorState" text_key="TranslatorStateName" /> <provisiontype_ddl name="cddlSuffix" key="TranslatorSuffix" text_key="TranslatorSuffixText" /> <radiobuttongroup name="NeedTranslator" key="TranslatorNeed"> <radiobutton name="btnNo" value="No" /> <radiobutton name="btnYes" value="Yes" /> </radiobuttongroup> <radiobuttongroup name="NeedMoreTranslator" key="TranslatorNeedMore"> <radiobutton name="rbtnMoreNo" value="No" /> <radiobutton name="rbtnMoreYes" value="Yes" /> </radiobuttongroup> <textbox name="txtAddress" key="TranslatorStreetAddress" /> <textbox name="txtCity" key="TranslatorCity" /> <textbox name="txtFirstName" key="TranslatorFirstName" /> <textbox name="txtLastName" key="TranslatorLastName" /> <textbox name="txtMiddleName" key="TranslatorMiddleName" /> <textbox name="txtEmail" key="TranslatorEmail" />

       2.I9 federal Physical address and mailing address panel Keys:

<textbox name="txtAddress" key="Address1" /> <textbox name="txtAddress2" key="Address2" /> <textbox name="txtApartment" key="Apartment" /> <textbox name="txtCity" key="City" /> <textbox name="txtZip" key="Zip" /> <dropdownlist name="ddlCountry" key="Country" text_key="CountryText" /> <dropdownlist name="ddlState" key="State" text_key="StateText" /> <textbox name="txtZip4" key="Zip4" /> <textbox name="txtDaytimePhoneCountryCode" key="DaytimePhoneCountryCode" /> <textbox name="txtDaytimePhoneAC" key="DaytimePhoneAC" /> <textbox name="txtDaytimePhoneNum" key="DaytimePhoneNum" /> <textbox name="txtEveningPhoneCountryCode" key="EveningPhoneCountryCode" /> <textbox name="txtEveningPhoneAC" key="EveningPhoneAC" /> <textbox name="txtEveningPhoneNum" key="EveningPhoneNum" />


  •  complaince panels
  • Onboarding
  • I9 translator panel
  • I9 physical address and mailing address panels.
  • federal panels
  • Onboarding
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