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2538956 - Enabling SAP Jam integration with C4C (SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer)


  • How to integrate SAP Jam feed inside C4C
  • Integration of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and SAP Jam Feeds

Disclaimer: All the images used in this KBA are from internal test system



SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer



  • Admin rights in both tenants!
  • Applicable to SAP Jam Advanced Plus edition and higher.
  • Recommended Browser: Internet Explorer!

Step 1: Login into your SAP Jam instance and navigate to Admin console.


Step 2
: Click on the option “OAuth Clients” under 'Integrations' section in the left pane. Add a new OAuth Client by clicking on Add OAuth Client.


Step 3
: Create a new OAuth Client by giving below params.

  1. Name: Tenant URI without https

  2. Feed Filtering: Select none (General Case)

  3. Integration URL: C4C tenant URl with https

  4. Keep other fields empty.

    1. Go back to OAuth Clients view, you should be able to see the client you’ve created. 

    2. Click on “View”. You should be able to see the Key and Secret values for the OAuth client (C4C tenant). This will be later used by C4C tenant for token exchange.

Step 4: Follow this step if you are not sure about your SAP Jam tenant domain:

- Open by replacing value of X with your DC. E.g. if your jam is hosted on dc4 use this URL

- Click on "Send Setup Instructions" >  and get the value in Company field (which will be later used as Company ID)


Step 5: Meanwhile in C4C, make sure that you’ve scoped the SAP Jam integration under Communication and Information Exchange –> People Collaboration, Intranet and External Services –> Communities, Document Management and External Services

Step 6: Navigate to Business Configuration –> Implementation Projects and select “Open Activity List”

Step 7: Get the SAP Jam activity in Fine-Tuning phase as shown below.

Step 8: Select the “SAP Jam” client and click on “Register Client” which should pop-up a window as shown in the below screenshot and click “Ok”.

  1. Client ID: Key from step 3.
  2. Client Secret: Secret from step 3.
  3. Authentication Server URL: <Your JAM server instance URL>  ** example - '' **
  4. API Server URL: <Your JAM server instance URL>   ** example - '' **
  5. Company ID: Domain name from Step 4.
  6. Account Name Origin: Select User ID as our assertion attribute will be having common User IDs in this example.
  7. SAML NameID Format: Select Unspecified


Step 9:

You should now see the below screen. Things to be noted from this screen for later use:

          1) Click on “Show Client Signing Certificate” and copy encoded certificate text.

          2) Make a note of “Local IDP ID”.

          3) Make a note of “Default Name ID Format”.


Step 10: 

Now back to SAP Jam Admin page, click on “SAML Trusted IDPs” and then on “Register your SAML Trusted IDP”.


Step 11: 

Enter details as explained below and hit “Register”.

  1. IDP ID: Local IDP ID from Step 9.
  2. Default Name ID Format: Same as Default Name ID Format from Step 9.
  3. Default Name ID Policy: Same as Local IDP ID
  4. X509 Certificate: Encoded Certificate text copied from Step 9.
  5. Check "Enabled" checkbox
  6. Set Administrative Area as 'Company'.
  7. Rest all empty.


Step 12:

** Re-Login into SAP Jam instance, before you test the configuration **

  • Login into C4C with your user account and navigate to “Feed”. You should see the SAP Jam Feed widget mashup spread over the screen.
  • Click on “SAP Jam” link on the top of the widget. You should be logged into SAP Jam instance automatically and be able to see your feed there.


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