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2536413 - Incorrect Time Zone on Workflow E-Mails


You have created a workflow rule for an e-mail notification with a placeholder for the time and date of a visit. In the e-mail, the time is displayed with the wrong time zone.

Reproducing the Issue


You have created an extension field on Lead of type Date/Time.

You have created a workflow rule to sent an e-mail to defined recipient on every save of the extension field.

You have changed the user settings of the e-mail recipient to the correct time zone.

Your system tenant is set to the correct time zone.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the work center Sales.
  2. Go to the view Leads.
  3. Open any lead.
  4. Maintain the time and date in the extension field of type Date/Time and save.
  5. Wait for the e-mail to be triggered by the workflow rule you have configured and open it.

Result: In the e-mail body, the wrong time zone is displayed.



The system evaluates the recipient of the e-mail by their business partner role.

If the recipient has a business partner role in the system, the time zone is populated with the time zone maintained in the business partner's personal settings.

If the recipient does not have a business partner role in the system, the time zone defaults to UTC.



There are two options for any e-mail workflow rule with a placeholder for time.

a. If there are personal user settings for date/time format in the system, only maintain recipients that have a business partner role in the system.

b. If there are no personal user settings for date/time format in the system, you can define the date/time format and/or time zone during workflow creation.

  1. Go to the Administrator work center.
  2. Go to the Workflow Rules view.
  3. Open the relevant rule.
  4. Go to Actions.
  5. Select All Languages in the subject line.

Result: You can maintain the date/time and/or time zone for each language template.

The personal date/time user settings always take precedence over the time format defined in the workflow rule.



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