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2530838 - Initiate PM Form On Job Change Event: How to Launch a new Performance Form based on a Job Info change


How to Launch a Performance Form based on a Job Info change


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  • Employee Central
  • Performance Management


This Rule "Execute" Function can be used to launch Performance forms for Hire, Rehire and Job Change scenarios.




Step 1) Performance Management v12 Acceleration

Firstly you must ensure that the "Performance Management v12 Acceleration" module is correctly implemented in the instance, and your intended Performance Management form templates are all correctly configured, tested thoroughly and ready to be Launched to end users (please ensure this is completed prior to following any next steps).

Information related to implementing Performance Management can be found on SAP Help Portal > SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals

Additional Information related to implementing Performance Management v12 Acceleration, please refer to:

  • 2341342 - Performance Management Implementation Overview - How to get started
  • 2076686 - Performance Management: Manage Templates - Create new template from Admin Tools SuccessStore
  • 2076791 - Performance Management: Manage Templates - Clone or Copy a Form Template
  • 2245112 - How to copy a PM template from one instance to another
  • 2086753 - Admin Tools: Manage Route Maps - Route Map List - BizX Platform


Step 2) Intelligent Services

Please ensure that you have implemented Intelligent Services in your instance before proceeding with the below configuration.

For more information, please refer to the following reference materials:

  1. Setting Up Intelligent Services
  2. Introduction to Publishing For Intelligent Services
  3. Intelligent Services Overview
  4. Event Center


Step 3) Enabling the "pm-form" field in Employee Central > Job Information

  1. Go to Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration
  2. Under "HRIS Element", select "jobInfo"
  3. Then in the field list, add the field "pm-form" and if you are using HRIS Sections, please add the field to the "jobFieldList" section
  4. Add the field label "Performance Form"
  5. Click "Details" and then ensure the following settings are defined -:
    • Enabled = Yes
    • Mandatory = No
    • Visibility = View
    • Maximum Length = Leave this blank
  6. Then save the changes to jobInfo


Step 4) Grant the permission for the new field in Role-Based Permissions

It is important that you permission the field (even if only for Admin users initially) so that the field is available in the UI for testing. To do so, you will need to -:

  1. Go to Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles
  2. Select the Role to grant the field to
  3. Click "Permissions..."
  4. Scroll down the left panel to "Employee Central Effective Dated Entities"
  5. Then in the right panel, scrol down to Job Information, and grant View permissions to the field
  6. Then click "Done" > "Save Changes"



Step 5) Configuring the "Initiate PM Form On Job Change Event" Business Rule

  1. Go to Admin Center > Configure Business Rules and create a new Basic rule
  2. Give the rule a sensible Rule Name and Rule ID, and select the Base Object "Job Information"
  3. The "IF" criteria should be based upon values in Job Information.
  4. The "THEN" condition must be "Execute" "Initiate PM Form On Job Change Event" (do not add other THEN conditions).
    • Job Information = Job Information
    • PM Form Template Name = Must be the "Template Name" of the form (English US)
  5. Save the rule



Step 6) Add the Rule Trigger

  1. Go to Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration
  2. Under "HRIS Element", select "jobInfo"
  3. Scroll to the very bottom and add the Rule as "onPostSave" (do not assign as onSave or any other trigger)
  4. Save the changes



Q) The Performance Form was not launched successfully although the Event was successfully published in the Event Center. The log below was found:

  • 22:22:15,710 INFO  [LaunchPMFormSubscriber] [companyId=ECSReport1, userId=adminb1] Form validation fails for the user = 20150135 template name = Test PMU

A) Go to Admin Center -> "Managing Form Templates", open the Form Template in question and uncheck the "Disable Due Date Validation" selection.


Q) Why does the Performance Form (pm-form) field text not display as a blue hyper link?

A) Only logged in users who are part of that employee's Form Route Map will be able to see a blue (clickable) link. For example, if the roles defined in the steps of the Forms Route Map are Employee, Manager and HR Manager, only those respective users will see the blue hyperlink in Job Info. All other users of the system (including system admins) will only see the Form Template Label as a string and not a blue hyperlink.


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