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2530685 - addtional bank detail issue in Direct Deposit panel


Bank Country is Mandatory error message while Hiring Candidate from ONB to EC


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Reproducing the Issue

Hire a candidate from Manage pending Hire and error message is thrown that Bank country can not be empty


This error is consiquence of changes done in Direct Deposit panel.

1. Fill Direct Deposit panel and select Yes for "Additional bank information"
2. In the additional panel , fill few fields and decided not to have this extra information so, clicked Back Button
3. now, select NO for Additional Bank information and complete the process

System captures the value entered in "Additional Bank Information" ir-respective of Next button or back button is pressed.
If Additional Bank information panel is used (even later it is made as NO) , EC expects mandatory details to be passed which is supposed to be captured in Additional bank information panel and thus giving Error message while Hiring.


As mentioned above , System captures values even back button is pressed. EC expect some mandatory fields if Additional bank information panel is enabled so, we need to remove those values which might got added.
We need to set : asign Actions in Super admin after the completion of Step 2.
1. Super admin => Processes => Step 2
2. from the left , click on Assign Actions
3. Click Add Action , Name : Set HRData Key , Execution Type : On Finish
4. Add Filter : SAP_DD_Additional Equals N
5. Add Parameters and set all values for below key as empty
SAP_AccountType_1 , SAP_Amount_1 , SAP_RoutingNumber_1  , SAP_AccountNumber_1  , SAP_BankCountry_1  ,  SAP_BankCountry_text_1  , RoutingNumber_Validate_1  , AccountNumber_Validate_1

set actions.png

Above action will set all above key values as Empty after completion of step 2 which will allow flow between ONB and EC and no Error will be displayed.

NOTE: This is for the case when additional bank information details are not needed but because of pressed back button , keys are captured.


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