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2528752 - Unable to see the old Time Recordings of the Employee After Rehire with Reinstatement Enabled


Employee XYZ (where XYZ represents the Employee ID) has been rehired as of DD.MM.YYYY with Reinstatement enabled. Upon checking his/ her Time file, you observe that all the information from the previous year disappeared.

You want to find out what holiday was taken since DD1.MM1.YYYY1 to DD2.MM2.YYYY2 which was before the rehire, and also record the Vacation for DD3.MM3.YYYY3 to DD2.MM2.YYYY2 before rehire.


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Reproducing the Issue

To rehire the Employee XYZ with Reinstatement enabled:

  1. Go to the Personnel Administration work center
  2. Select the Employees view
  3. Show All Employees
  4. Highlight the respective Employee XYZ and select Actions->Rehire Employee button
  5. Fill the required fields
  6. Under the section Special Conditions, checkmark the option Reinstatement
  7. Ensure that the Hire Date selected DD.MM.YYYY is one day after the last Termination Date
  8. Save and Close

To check the Time entries of the Employee since DD1.MM1.YYYY1 to DD2.MM2.YYYY2 which was before the rehire:

  1. Go to Time Administration workcenter
  2. Select Employees view
  3. Search for Employee XYZ and select Edit
  4. Go to Employee Times tab
  5. Search for Time entries

Unable to see the old time recordings.


The Work agreement for the Employee XYZ for the period between DD1.MM1.YYYY1 to DD2.MM2.YYYY2 is different from the Work agreement after rehire for the period between DD.MM.YYYY to 31.12.9999.

The Time agreement is created on the basis of the Work agreement and as they are different, the Time agreements are also different. Hence the Time files are also different for the Employee XYZ in both the periods.

This is a system behavior.


To see the recorded time between the Hire date DD1.MM1.YYYY1 to Termination date DD2.MM2.YYYY2, you may follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Time Administration workcenter
  2. Select Employees view
  3. Show All Employees
  4. Search for Employee XYZ
  5. You will find two entries
  6. Select the entry with the validity period as DD1.MM1.YYYY1 to DD2.MM2.YYYY2
  7. Select Edit
  8. Go to the Employee Times tab
  9. Check for the validity period DD1.MM1.YYYY1 to DD2.MM2.YYYY2
  10. You can see all the recorded times in that period
  11. Go to the Time Profile tab
  12. You can see the assigned Work Schedule and the assigned Holiday Calendar for the Employee XYZ

In case you want to record the Vacation availed before Rehire, for the period DD3.MM3.YYYY3 - DD2.MM2.YYYY2, the Time Administrator can select the particular Time file (DD.MM.YYYY to DD2.MM2.YYYY2) and record the Vacation for the Employee XYZ for the required dates in the Employee Times tab.


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