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2525107 - 1708 features for Data Privacy FAQ


This article relays the Q&A around the data privacy tools introduced in 1708


  • SAP HCM SuccessFactors suite
  • SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) - All Supported Versions from b1708
  • Admin interface
  • System admin > automatic processes

Reproducing the Issue

Make sure to have the following workflows to be able to use these automatic processes

  • Edit Purge Deleted User Audit History Automatic Process
  • Edit Delete Inactive Native User


Q: Is the purge settings mandatory or is it conditional?

A: It's an automatic process you must enable if you want to use it. Completely optional


Q: Can we set rules for the deleting of inactive users? For example, we only want to purge users that are inactive before 2015 but keep those inactive 2015 onwards?

A: No. You only have the day-based timeframe


Q: If I purge deleted users, then in the future will I be able to add a new user with the same userid?

A: No, re-incarnate will be disabled


Q: Will purging of users affect transactions? We must not cause refunds to be created

A: Purge will purge everything, but will not create transactions. It's a delete, not a withdraw.


Q: So purging creates a state like the users has never been there, i.e. no instructor in the SO, some participants removed in the SO?

A: That’s correct


Q: When deleting admins with this purge option; will the last updated user column DB tables be vanished?

A: No. That is one of the few data traces we will not delete. That and approval process approvals, and electronic signatures.


Q: What happens to other objects such as Learning history etc. when users are deleted?

A: Almost all traces of the user are removed from the system.


Q: How can we purge training data from the system to avoid that we have to store related user data like approvals for ever although employees have left 5 years ago?

A: All user data will be purged when their records are purged.


Q: Can we have delete for item regardless of what it is associated to?

A: Purge only affects user records


Q: Can we delete instructors and not delete their user record?

A: Yes, if you only check the instructors box and not the related instructor box under the user box

A: You can manually delete an instructor record to accomplish that.


Q: Can I use the Purge User option to delete only instructor accounts even if they are linked to a related user?

A: If you delete a user, it's instructor will be deleted and you have no choice.
If you include standalone instructors, then the system looks for inactive instructors as its target query. Deleting an instructor will NOT delete its related user.


Q: What is meant by Standalone instructor?

A: An instructor with no related user populated in the related user field


Q: If I purge an instructor which is related to a scheduled offering what happens?

A: The instructor will be removed from the offering.


Q: It is very difficult to "disconnect" an admin, instructor or user record, makes it nearly impossible to delete

A: We have simplified the delete process for admins and instructors.  the only blocker will be if a record is part of an approval process the is pending.


Q: Is 'inactive' referring lack of activity, or actual status of inactive?

A: Actual status inactive


Q: Can admins be inactivated?

A: NO. But the user that they may be associated with can.


Q: Will this process work even though the users have active Items/SO etc. ?

A: The inactivate and delete processes have not changed.


Q: Will this purge option apply to users who are part of the extended learning enterprise?

A: Yes


Q: Most Client data privacy officers require detailed documentation on purge functions including data model level information. Where can we find this information?

A: We will be releasing detailed documentation


Q: Will purging users in BizX also remove them from LMS too?

A: Using the DRM tool, yes.


Q: What is DRM tool?

A: Data Retention Management, it's a Platform tool used to purge data.


Q: Where do we access the delete protocols which are mandatory by our local data privacy laws?

A: BizX allows you to create delete rules.


Q: Users with BizX+LMS, can they use this purge option?

A: Not recommended, but contact customer support for your specific situation.


Q: Is this only for LMS? We have EC, Recruiting, etc.

A: The feature being presented is only for LMS


Q: Is it possible to differentiate between different user groups based on local legislation (i.e. France legislation may have a different number of years after which an account needs to be purged compared to i.e. Belgium)?

A: In BizX you can for BizX managed Users, but not for Learning-only users


Q: Is there any consideration to make data cleanup any easier so I don't have to manually delete about 10,000 records?

A: We can consider that in the future.


Q: In relation to the Delete Inactive User Automatic Process APM, can it be clarified what does this APM deletes exactly? Only user personal data, assignments, learning history...?

A: Almost all user data from the PA_ tables.  This includes user metadata, assignments, histories, recommendations, bookmarks, etc. You are deleting this person and everything about them.


Q: Does the APM delete the learner entry from PA_STUDENT table only?

A: No

Q: Does the APM delete all learner entries from all PA tables in the database?

A: Yes


Q: Is the learner's learning history deleted by this APM?

A: Yes


Q: In relation to the Purge Deleted User Audit History APM, this APM purges (deletes) history data for all deleted users, admins, instructors. Can it be clarified what does this means exactly? What exactly is purged (learning history, learning plan, changes done in admin/user/instructor accounts, ...)?

A: While the Delete Inactive User Automatic Process APM process handles the PA tables, the Purge Deleted User Audit History APM handles the PH_ table data for everything about the user.


Q: Are all admin/user/instructor entries deleted from PH tables during the Delete Inactive User Automatic Process APM process?

A: Yes


Q: Does the Delete Inactive User Automatic Process APM process impact PH tables only?

A: Yes


Q: In relation to the Purge Deleted User Audit History APM, what happens in terms of audit reporting if involved admins/users/instructors - have already been inactivated, deleted and purged from the system? For example, if the admin who was the item created no longer exists (suppose he has already been inactivated, deleted and had his audit history purged), then who will be displayed as item creator?

A: Information about people is deleted.  But we never delete the “Last Update User” column from the database in other records.  There are a few other places we don’t delete, since the data is not about that person.  E-signatures for example, and training approvals that were completed for someone else.  Their IDs will remain in those fields.

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