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2512135 - Supplier Invoice Created by Webservice is in Status Ready for Posting


You Create Supplier Invoices via webservice with a Technical User ID, The invoice documents are consistent and contain no errors or exceptions, however they do not get posted automatically.

In the Payload response, you get the following message: Invoice forwarded to accountant (XYZ (ABC)) for posting.

(where XYZ represents the User ID and ABC represents the User's Name).


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Supplier Invoicing work centre.
  2. Go to Invoices and Credit Memos view.
  3. Show All Invoices and Credit Memos.
  4. Find XXX (XXX represents the Supplier Invoice ID).

The invoice's status is Ready for Posting, when you expect it to be Posted.


You execute the webservice with a Technical User and since we cannot allow technical user to post the invoice and if you have employee work distribution maintained then only the determined employee responsible can post the invoice.


You execute the webservice with Business user, but if you have employee work distribution maintained then only the determined employee responsible can post the invoice.

Thus in both cases invoices will be in Status Ready for Posting.

Steps to check if Employee work distribution is maintained or not.

  1. Go to Application user management work center
  2. Go to employee work distribution view
  3. Select the category Employee Responsible for Supplier Invoices
  4. If the status is Defined Work Assignment then click on edit

You will be able see various employee responsibles and you can decide based on invoicing unit and validity for the right employee for your invoice.

also when you open the supplier invoice

  1. Go to general tab
  2. Go to Parties and locations tab
  3. Under organizational data you will see the employee responsible who was appearing as mentioned in above steps.


The Employee Responsible is in charge of the Posting of Supplier invoices. He should check and release the documents manually.

 If Employee work distribution is not maintained then any Business user can release the documents manually.

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