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2508786 - * SSL Certificate renewal 30th June 2018 "


Dear SuccessFactors Customer,

We will be updating our SSL certificate for the * domain in your Non-Production and Production environments on Saturday June 20th, 2018.


If you are a SuccessFactors customer with third party integrations like web services/APIs, you may be required to update the domain certificate.  These updates should be conducted by your internal IT resources with the new certificate information that could be found below.

Please note that without this change, it is possible that your applications will not work in the Non-Production or Production environment.

If you are not familiar with making the required changes, please notify your company's internal IT department and request for the changes to be made as soon as possible.

If you should have any questions or need assistance, please contact SAP Support through the Customer Support Portal with any questions.

Integration scenario with Successfactors:

  • Note that if any of your external Application (On Premise SAP PI, On-Premise SAP ERP or 3rd party system) is integrated with successfactors via API endpoint URL (SFAPI/OData API), for e.g. and Successfactors certificates are maintained in your application, you would have to re-import the certificate in your application as * certificate is going to be renewed.
  • If your external application is triggering processes in middleware DELL BOOMI using SF hosted cloud atom which has base URL as then you would have to re-import renewed certificate again which can be downloaded from browser via atom base URL.
  • If you have HCI tenant from where you trigger API calls with endpoint URL as *, renewed certificate needs to be re-imported to the HCI keystore.


Schedule for updating





Time zone












Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I know if I am impacted by the certification renewal?
A: This change impacts customer with third party integrations like web services/APIs.

Q: Does this impact all Data Centers? 
A: No. This will only impact the following data centers

* SSL certificate for DC02/Amterdam 1

* SSL certificate for DC12/Rot

Q: Which specific SSL Certificate is being updated? There are different types of certificates and maybe the one being updated does not truly impact us. 
A: Domain certificate

Q: Can the Certificate be downloaded now? 
A: Yes, link is provided at the bottom of the article as well as an attachment.

Q: Will the "PGP Success Factors Public Key" change for the SSL certificate renewal?  If so we believe it will impact the authentication of the load of our integration files (Employee, Personal, Position files) from Workday
A: No impact.

Q: Can a customer OPT out of this update?
A: We cannot put this on hold as the cert expires will be refused by Chrome browser starting August 8. We suggest you contact your IT department to download the new certs and apply the certs to your environment per the schedule.

Q:Why are we updating the certificate?
A: As per the instruction received from Symantec, we need to make the changes. In order to checkout the complete info click here

Q: What certificate should I upload? Intermediate or Domain?
A: Domain and Intermediate certificate (if required).

Q: I use third party integrations like web services/APIs, is there an action item for me?
A: Yes. Please notify your IT team about this change to upload the domain certificate.



Modules affected:


Product Version


SuccessFactors All Versions


SuccessFactors All Versions


SuccessFactors All Versions



Certificates to be used:

If required, the new domain certificate can be downloaded and installed from KBA 2533915 - SAP SuccessFactors SSL Certificate Renewal Schedule and Public Certificate Repository

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