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2495072 - How to Set Up Approval Task for Under and Over Payments


You have created the payment for an invoice, however the payment amount differs from the invoice amount, which is causing an under or over payment task for approval. Nevertheless, the approver is not the expected one.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Receivables work center.
  2. Go to Customer Accounts view.
  3. Highlight an open item.
  4. Click Pay Manually By -> e.g. Incoming Check.
  5. In the check, you accept a price difference, which then cause an under or over payment.
  6. Release the check.

You notice that the incoming check becomes Ready for Deposit, however the associated clearing remains Proposed and send the follow task to the wrong approvers: 'Approve Clearing of Under-/Overpayment by Customer - <customer ID> - <Customer Name>- <amount and currency>'


Whether or not the system creates the Under-/Overpayment approval task is defined at clearing strategy level. This can be seen as follows:

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to Implementation Projects view.
  3. Open the activity list for the project.
  4. Find and open activity for Clearing Strategies.
  5. Click Maintain clearing strategies.

In the Manual Clearing Tasks section, you can determine whether or not an overpayment or underpayment should result in the creation of a manual clearing task.

In case the task is created, the approval notification is sent to the responsible employee for receivables, which is defined as follows:

  1. Go to Application and User Management work center.
  2. Go to Employee Work Distribution.
  3. Highlight Approver for Receivables.
  4. Click Edit and maintain the responsible employee.

In case there are no approver maintained as Approver for Receivables, the task is sent to all authorized managers.

Note that although there is an approval process set, the scenario may vary depending upon your user's access rights.

 In case there is no approver defined under the employee work distribution for Receivables and:

  • You do not have access to the approvals view - MMA_RECEIVABLES - in Managing My Area, the clearing goes to approval.
  • You have access to MMA_RECEIVABLES, the clearing is posted with no approval task triggered. 

In case there is an approver defined under the employee work distribution for Receivables management:

  • The approval task is triggered to the approver regardless of your access rights. 

See Also

You can find more details on the approval process for payment on the following KBA: 2063785 - How to Set Up Approval Process for Payments


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