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2485402 - "Search query failed" after searching for BEx queries when importing data from BW in SAP Analytics Cloud


  • The following error messages appear when searching for BW Queries at model creation:
    • "Search query failed"
    • "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) error - 500 - Internal Server Error -  sap.fpa.ui.infra.service.AjaxHelper @ sap-ui-core.js:160"
  • Function module BICS_CONS_SET_GET_SESSION_PROP does not have output table E_T_CAPABILITIES (execute using transaction SE37 on the BW system)
  • In Tomcat logs there is an error, where the NullPointerException coming from BWMasterSystemSettingsService.isBW4Hana:
    • "java.lang.NullPointerException


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 2017.11.1
  • SAP Business Warehouse
  • SAP Analytics Cloud Agent 1.0.59 or newer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to create > New model
  2. Select Datasource BW
  3. Select a valid connection, when searching for the name of the query type * or the name of your query
  4. Notice the error


The new 2.38.0 BICS library puts a dependency on function module BICS_CONS_SET_GET_SESSION_PROP to return table E_T_CAPABILITIES which isn’t available on older BW systems.


Please first make sure the username and password in the connection is still valid before applying the solution below.

The issue will be fixed in a future version of SAP Analytics Cloud Agent after BICS 2.39 is released.

*Please test the workarounds in test BW system before going on production.

  1. Upgrade the SP level of the Business Warehouse system:
  2. If upgrading isn’t an option, the following steps also resolve the issue:
    1. Execute transaction SE37 and check whether function module BICS_PROV_GET_CAPABILITIES exists
      • If it does not exist:
        • Execute manual steps documented in SAPNote 1686131
        • Execute transaction SNOTE and apply SAPNote 1686131
        • Confirm the function module now exists and can be executed
    2. Open function module BICS_CONS_SET_GET_SESSION_PROP
    3. Click on the “Display <-> Change” button
    4. Go to the Tables tab and add a new row:
      • Parameter Name: E_T_CAPABILITIES
      • Typing: LIKE
      • Associated Type: BICS_PROV_CAPABILITIES
      • Optional: checked
      • Short text: Fähigkeit des Backends
    5. Go to the Source code tab and add the following lines before the end of the function:
               e_t_capabilities = e_t_capabilities.
    6. Save and then activate the function module
    7. Execute the function module and check that it now returns E_T_CAPABILITIES
    8. Restart Tomcat that the Cloud Agent is running on

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