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 How to update/add/remove cascading questions in Question Library

Guide to updating a cascading question. In below example, we have a child question type ‘Free Text’. We want to update it to change its name and its type to ‘Multi Choice’. It cannot be done through UI, so this guide shows how to go through the needed steps : Identify, export cascading question, modify csv file, delete existing questions and import cascading question.

Note : updating a question within the library, does not automatically update this question within the requisition (= already added to the requisition).


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1. Identify the question to change

Original situation, change child of question "Test A parent multi choice" of library Test 29th May

  1. Admin center->Question Libraries


  1. View in Requisition UI: Requisition -> Pre-Screening questions


  1. We can see the children only after adding them to requisition (in preview as well, so no need to save)


I wish to edit the "Test A parent multi choice?" question to change its child question "Test A child question text" to a new question with QUESTION_MULTI_CHOICE type.

2. Export the questions

Export the target parent question, it will automatically include the child :
I use "Skip GUID", no need to match any GUID or ID as we will delete it later

  1. Admin Center->Question Libraries


  1. Edit the exported csv file:


3. Delete the question in the UI

  1.  Admin Center->Question Libraries


  1. After deletion


4. Import the updated csv file

  1. Admin center->Import Question Libraries
  2. Enter the exact same name of library (case sensitive)


5. Verify the updated cascading question(s)

  1. Verify the cascading question has been updated in UI
  2. Admin center->Question Libraries



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