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2476727 - Month shows as number in Lumira Desktop via HANA offline in comparison to HANA online


  • Data appears differently in the Visualise room when acquired via HANA offline (Download from HANA) in comparison to the same data being acquired via HANA online (Connect to HANA)
  • The values 1,2,3..12 have been mapped to months in HANA studio
  • Acquiring data using HANA online and creating a graph results in the Visualisation showing January, Febuary, March, etc, while the Prepare room shows 1,2,3, etc for the same column.
  • Acquiring the same data using HANA offline and creating a graph results in the Visualsation showing 1,2,3 instead of January, Febuary, March and the Prepare room shows 1,2,3..12 for the same column


  • SAP Lumira Desktop 1.31.4
  • Windows 8.1

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to File > New
  2. Select "Download from HANA"
  3. Select a HANA view containing mapped values
  4. Create any visualisation based on the column containing the mapped values


  • HANA online connects to the exisitng HANA view thereby acquiring all of the key and label mappings. Only metadata is returned to the visualisations
  • HANA offline downloads data which has been made available, key and label mappings will not be acquired. Only data which has been made visible will be acquired.


  • In HANA Studio, ensure the label is visible as a seperate column so that both the key and the label are acquired as seperate columns


Lumira HANA   , KBA , BI-LUM-DIS , Lumira Desktop/Discovery , Problem


SAP Lumira, desktop edition 1.0