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2474033 - LMS - b1705 Release Overview




We have created below KBAs which give you detailed walkthrough of some of the new features introduced in b1705.

1. 2435663 - 1705 Feature: Direct Link Notification Tags in Notification Editor

     - This KBA shows how to use direct link notification tags in the WYSIWYG notification editor.

2. 2473217 - 1705 Feature: formatting of syntax tag in the Notification Editor

    - Prior to 1705, administrators could not change the styling of a syntax tag. With this release, you can now edit Syntax tags.

3. 2483929 - LMS - Approval Process enforcement for Supervisor or HRBP Register

   - This KBA article illustrates a new enhancement feature - Approval Process will be enforced for Supervisor or HRBP Registration.

4. 2484313 - LMS - OCN Enhancements (b1705 - LRN-16927, LRN-16928)

   - We have added new Open Content Network providers. Customers can now easily integrate with edX and Learning Hub to access their catalog of courses.

5. 2481903 - LMS - Additional identifier in user type-ahead search results (b1705 - LRN-16921)

    - Admin can now configure an additional User identifier to be displayed in braces for the User Type-Ahead search results in case of the Peer Recommendation pop-up launched from Collection, Catalog 3.0, Catalog Browse and User Search on the Instructor's My Classes page.

6. 2073597 - SITE: Catalog availability to external users

   - After 1705, If site user would like to purchase any trainings form the catalog tab, they will be redirected to the log page to sign in or create an account if enabled.

7. 2480913 - 1705 Feature: launch online course without having to pay again

   - Prior to this release, a user would have to pay again in order to launch the content. Now the user will only need to pay again for the same course if they received a completion (pass or fail) or their original order was cancelled.

8. 2470685 - LMS - Import Custom Instructor Reports (b1705 - LRN-16703)

    - You can now import and view custom instructor reports without affecting Instructor workflows. Instructors can now view all suported actions under the users tab.

9. 2473119 - 1705 feature: scheduled offering ID, start/end date and time added to user and item record (snapshot)

    - Scheduled offering ID, start and end date have been added to the item and user record (snapshot).

10. 2473156 - 1705 Feature: comment text field enhanced

      - In the 1705 release, the comment text box available on the item and scheduled offering snapshots (records) was enhanced for better user experience.

11. 2467333 - Instructor should be able to send evaluations to selected users

       - Enhancement around Initiating evaluations from Instructor screen

12. 2484058 - LMS - Add or remove Training Manger to an Organization via Organization Owner Connector

      - Admin can associate or remove Training Manger to an Organization via Organization Owner Connector in b1705 release.

13. 2484113 - LMS - Admin can expire approved approval process or approve pending approvals

      - Admin should be able to expire the approved approval process or approve pending approvals in b1705 release.

14. 2479813 - LMS - Site ID can be now changed for users (b1705 - LRN-16332)

       - Previously, the Login site ID was recorded when a user registered on a site. This field is used for direct links and could not be changed via the GUI. You can now modify this field from the user details page. NULL and all valid sites are valid values.


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