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2473917 - How to: Managing Unsent Emails in the LMS


This KBA covers how to purge unsent emails from the Learning Management System (LMS)


SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS)

Reproducing the Issue

  • This allows for emails that have not yet been sent (but have been triggered) by the LMS to be purged prior to being sent to users
  • Possible use cases:
    • Mail queue has backed up and needs to be cleared out
    • Email was disabled while a mass learning was assigned or learning history was recorded that triggers notifications to be sent and it is not desired for users to receive these notifications


"Manage Unsent Emails" was added to the Learning Management System (LMS) to provide LMS Admins with more control over notifications



  • Manage unsent email notifications allows Learning Admins to Remove/Delete unsent emails;
  • Admins can disable email in the Global Variables > Mail configuration settings, generate emails, then purge them prior to re-enabling mail.

Manage Unsent Email Functionality:

  • Using Manage Unsent Emails, you can view the amount of your unsent email notifications, the time frame that the email notifications were generated, and delete unsent email notifications;
  • Unsent email notifications are emails that have been generated but not yet delivered to the SMTP server;
  • Deleting unsent email creates a background job that runs immediately as long as the job to send email is not running;
  • The email audit report, which represents all notifications that the system generated, still contains deleted unsent email so the audit trail remains.


  • Sent email is only stored if archiving is ON;
    • If Email Archiving is not enabled, email is not queued in the PA_MAIL table and therefore there are no emails to be purged;
    • Email archiving can be enabled under System Admin > Configuration > Global Variables > Mail tab > Check "".
  • Email must not be enabled in the system, otherwise it may be sent quicker than it can be purged, once it's sent, it cannot be deleted;
  • Email cannot be purged if it is in the process of being sent (email send job is already running when email is disabled, previously queued email will be sent);
  • Admin Role must have the manage unsent email Workflow assigned to it (See KBA 2492837 if more detail is needed).

How to Use Manage Unsent Emails:

  1. Navigate to System Admin > Tools > Manage Unsent Emails;
  2. Click the Delete Unsent Emails button to delete all unsent email notifications. The Delete Unsent Emails button is only enabled when the unsent email notifications count is greater than zero;
  3. You receive the warning: "You are about to delete all unsent emails. These emails will be permanently deleted. Do you want to continue and delete all unsent emails?";
  4. Decide if you want to delete all unsent email notifications:
    • Click Yes to delete all unsent email notifications;
    • Click No to cancel the deletion.
    1. manage_Emails.jpg

Important Notes:

  • Unsent emails that are deleted are never sent to the email recipient(s) and are permanently removed from the system;
  • Once unsent email messages are deleted, they cannot be recovered;
  • If the emails are not shown as unsent (as when there are 0 Unsent Emails) it is not possible to recall or retrieve them.


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