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2473795 - Job Information: Child picklist field displays ALL picklist values when Parent field is country-of-company


We have configured a new picklist field in Job Information, which uses the field "country-of-company" as the parent. The Child picklist (the new custom field) is not filtered or returns No Data.


Employee Central 2.0


The Parent field is not in the same hris-section as the parent, or the child field is above the parent in the configuration


This issue can be caused by 2 different configuration issues.

1) The "country-of-company" field is not in the hris-section "jobFieldsList". The field must be configured in this section for Country Specific configurations to work.

What will break if I move this field to a different hris-section?

  • Hire/rehire wizards
  • Country Specific fields configured in the Job Information element
  • Fields configured as Picklist which use the country-of-company field as a Parent

2) The new Child picklist field is placed above the "country-of-company" picklist field in the configuration XML (or Business Configuration UI)

  • Please refer to KBA 2369729 - Picklist value not cascading based on country of company - for more information



The rule of thumb with the country-of-company field is as follows -:

  1. The country-of-company field must be configured in the hris-section "jobFieldsList" in the Succession Data Model and Country Specific Succession Data Model. Do not put this field under a different hris-section
  2. The country-of-company field must be placed above all of the fields that use it as a Parent (in XML and Business Configuration UI)
  3. The country-of-company field must be the first field configured in the jobInfo element in the Country Specific Succession Data Model (and must be in the same hris-section > jobFieldsList)
  4. The Child field that references company-of-company MUST be in the same hris-element as the Parent field (cross portlet picklist filtering is not supported). Please see KBA 2476080 for more info on this.

See Also

  • 2476080 - Employee Central: Child Picklist not filtered by Country (Parent)


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