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2472518 - Best practices of job description formatting for Recruiting


Many times customers report that RMK does not preserve the job description format as it is there in RCM system.


  • Recruiting Management (RCM)
  • Recruiting Marketing (RMK)


  • When Rx Real-time Job Sync is implemented, jobs created in RCM will automatically display on the RMK front-end website. All formatting, text, html, and CSS included in the job description will be sent to RMK. At times, third party formatting can cause the job descriptions in RMK to look messy and inconsistent. RMK does not have the ability to clean incorrect formatting that is imported from RCM. It is the responsibility of the client to keep job descriptions formatted properly.
  • Job descriptions do support basic HTML formatting and RCM includes a rich text editor to make job description formatting easy and intuitive.
  • When pasting job description content from a Microsoft Word document, the content contains formatting and tags not supported by web browsers. There are several approaches to ensure the job description content only contains formatting that will appear properly to candidates when they are viewing the posting.


Follow the recommendations below to achieve the best possible layout and job description formatting in RMK. If you find that formatting and descriptions are not accurate then adjust the content in RCM and view the changes in RMK. Any formatting errors can be fixed immediately because jobs are updated in real-time.

Process for Viewing and Updating Job Descriptions in RMK:

  1. Create job description in RCM text editor (Use Option 1 or 2 outlined below)
  2. Do not include HTML tables in a job description ( See more detail below)
  3. Use the “Paste as Plain Text” or “Paste from Word” option if copy/paste from another source
  4. Publish job description in RCM
  5. Navigate to the RMK site
  6. Search for the job title in RMK
  7. View job formatting
  8. If job formatting needs to be adjusted then change formatting in the RCM text editor

Option 1) Paste as plain text: This button behaves as though the recruiting user pasted the copied content in Notepad or another plain text editor, then copied that content and pasted it into the job description field. This strips 100% of existing formatting from the content and the recruiting user can start fresh and apply new formatting. This button should be used if the recruiting user has copied content from another web page. The copy action can pick up HTML content the recruiting user does not realize is there, and those third party HTML tags may wind up appearing in the job description.


Option 2) Paste from Word: This button strips out unsupported MS Word formatting and preserves as much formatting as can reliably be supported in various web browsers.


Clean Pasted Content Warning Prompt If a recruiting user copies and pastes content directly from MS Word without using the Paste from Word button, the product will recognize there is a risk of including browser-unsupported formatting, and will prompt the user to clean the content:


If the recruiting user clicks OK, the system will copy using the Paste from Word functionality. If the recruiting user clicks “Cancel,” the system pastes exactly what was copied from MS Word, including unsupported formatting. This is not recommended because it can cause a lot of odd behavior when the user attempts to edit content or make additional formatting changes in the job description field, and may cause the job description to appear strangely to candidates viewing the job posting.


Do not use the RCM text editor “table creation” button when building job descriptions. HTML tables are not supported when transferring job descriptions from RCM to RMK. The RMK job description field cannot be used to format data in rows and columns. After job data is imported into RMK it can be sent via structured XML to 3rd party job boards around the world. It is standard practice for job boards to not support data formatted in a table.


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