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2463825 - Unposted Source Document Error: Currency Conversion Failed due to Missing Exchange Rates. Maintain the Exchange Rates for Conversion from ABC to XYZ for Mid Rate


You have noticed an unposted source document and an error message which prevents the document from being posted. The error message is:

Currency conversion failed due to missing exchange rates. Maintain the exchange rates for conversion from ABCto XYZfor Mid Rate

ABC means the Source Currency.

XYZ means the Target Currency.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the General Ledger work center.
  2. Go to the Closing Cockpit view.
  3. Go to the Source Documents subview.
  4. Search for your Source Document ID, in this case the Source Document is a Purchase Order.
  5. Select the ID and under the Details section you can see this error:
    Currency conversion failed due to missing exchange rates. Maintain the exchange rates for conversion from ABC to XYZ for Mid Rate


You are using Currency Conversion Profile DEF and which uses Posting date as conversion date. This Purchase Order has items with a delivery date of MM-DD-YYYY and for those items, the exchange rate cannot be derived.

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select the View Implementation Projects.
  3. Choose option Open Activity List.
  4. Show All.
  5. Find Currency Conversion Profiles activity.
  6. Open the Activity.
  7. In new screen, find Currency Conversion Profiles and click to open.
  8. Here you are able to check that Business Transaction Type Purchase Order for the profile DEF uses the Conversion date 2 - Posting Date.

DEF means the Currency Conversion Profile.


You need to maintain exchange rate from ABC to XYZ as of delivery date of MM-DD-YYYY.

  1. Go to the General Ledger work center.
  2. Open the Edit Exchange Rates view in the Common Tasks section.
  3. Maintain the relevant exchange rate between Source Currency: ABC to Target Currency: XYZ.
  4. Confirm the entries by clicking Save and Close.

Now you will be able to post the Unposted Source Document.


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