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2463815 - Price Variance Exception is Raised in the Supplier Invoice When Approving or Posting


Price Variance Exception occurs when you try to approve/post the supplier invoice ABC (ABC refers to supplier invoice ID).
Exception message: The average net price xxx for 1 ea is greater than the price xxx of purchase order XYZ. Rounding differences are possible.(XYZ refers to purchase order ID).


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Supplier Invoicing work center
  2. Select Invoices and Credit Memos view
  3. Search for the invoice ABC. (ABC refers to supplier invoice ID)
  4. Select View All.
  5. Select Check button.

The price variance exception is raised in the Exceptions tab.


The Purchase Order XYZ (XYZ refers to purchase order ID) has more than one open supplier invoice (In Process/ In Approval). Consider the below mentioned scenario which triggers the exception message multiple times.

Suppose there is a Purchase Order created for P quantities and the price of each quantity is X.
The total net amount of the purchase order will be P*X = PX.

Imagine we create 3 invoices(A, B, C) for the above mentioned P quantity purchase order. (A, B and C refers to supplier invoice IDs)
Invoice A-> D quantities at X each -> D*X = DX
Invoice B-> E quantities at X each -> E*XEX
Invoice C-> F quantities at R each -> F*R = FR
D + E + F = P quantities of the purchase order

Now the total net value of all the 3 supplier invoices (DX + EX + FR) together will be greater than PX as mentioned in the Purchase Order.

If we created the supplier invoices individually(eg. Invoice A) and then post with no other invoice (B and C) is open (In process/ in approval), the posting will be successful.

The posting of the invoices will be successful without any exception till the total net value of the supplier invoices ( DX + EX + FR)  does not exceed the total value in the purchase order (PX).

If we now create Invoice B and C parallely and then send it for approval, the invoice which is sent for approval first (say B) will not have exception before sending. The invoice which is sent for approval later (say C) will have a Price Variance Exception triggered. Now, when the first invoice (say B) which was sent for approval has completed the approval process will not be posted because there is another price variance exception raised. The price variance exception will keep arising until the total net value of the purchase order is equal to the total net value of the supplier invoice.

Price variance exception will be the average value calculated considering the total net value in the purchase order and the extra amount in the supplier invoices. As a result the price variance exception will be a low value.

When we create the invoices individually and post them, they will be posted successfully after accepting the exception once. The system will not trigger the exception in multiple documents at the same time since there is no open documents.


This is the standard expected system behavior. You can either create the invoices individually and post them or ensure that the total net value in purchase order and supplier invoice are equal.

Note: This issue occurs only when there are multiple open supplier invoices for a single purchase order and the total net value of all supplier invoices are either greater or lesser than the net value of purchase order.


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