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2460272 - HTTP error when trying to import content


HTTP error when trying to import content


SAP SuccessFactors Learning (LMS)

Reproducing the Issue

Use the LMS Content Import Tool to upload content to the icontent server

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If this error is received during the import (after validation, when the job is scheduled), there are multiple scenarios where this issue may occur.


Scenario 1: Deployment location credential issue

Check the deployment location setting and ensure that the hostname is correct. If this is correct this normally indicates that the password is incorrect. The password cannot be viewed in the deployment location, so it will need to be checked with the customer.

Verify the credentials used in the deployment location settings, in particular the password settings.


Scenario 2: Using Firefox to import

Navigate to Learning Administration > Content > Tools > Import Content > Import the file (In Firefox Browser)

Symptom While importing content in Firefox browser content import throws HTTP error as shown below, the same package/file gets imported successfully in IE or Chrome. Capture.JPG Environment Successfactors LMS Learning Management System Reproducing the Issue Navigate to Learning Administration > Content > Tools > Import Content > Import the file (In Firefox Browser) Cause This happens because importer has problems with FireFox, due to bugs in the third party Flash component that is used in Firefox browser.

Also, as per the System Requirements we recommend using Internet Explorer 11 for LMS 1602 and above, review that all traffic for below sites are allowed:


Scenario 3: Empty Revision Date on the item 

If you are updating the mobile content for an Item but if the revision date is not filled out then there will be an http error, the field must be properly populated or else the error would appear:

empty rev date.png

Scenario 4: Deployment location domain ID does not match the domain ID selected when importing.

Check the deployment location by going to Learning Administration > Content > Deployment Location.


Select the domain ID accordinly when importing.



Scenario 5: Special characters or spacing depending on browser settings.

Rename your content file to not include special characters or spacing.

Scenario 6: File size too big.

See KBA 2294748 regarding content file size and timeout settings.

Scenario 7: Network latency too high

If another admin from another network can import it may be something within your network or your local machine performance preventing the upload to be successful and check with your IT after performing tracing.

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