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2459684 - Error Message: "Invalid Boolean Type Entered" in Data Workbench


Using Data Workbench, you require to update any Indicator field of type Boolean to True or False. Therefore, you Export the object XYZ (where XYZ represents the object in Data Workbench)from the Export view and update the Indicator field value to T or F (where T represents True and F represents False). On uploading the file in the Update view, system throws the error:

Cannot import the data file. Please correct the following errors:

CSVHeader: PQRIndicator (where PQRIndicator represents the column header of the Indicator field)

Error Information: Invalid boolean type entered

Correct format - Valid boolean values are true/false, TRUE/FALSE or X/""


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to the HTML5 client
  2. Go to Data Workbench workcenter
  3. Go to Export tab
  4. In the search field, select the object XYZ
  5. Select Data
  6. Select field
  7. Select Next
  8. Export Data
  9. Go to the Monitor tab
  10. Download the exported file
  11. Update the field Sales Support Block with T or F

To Upload the file:

  1. Login to the HTML5 client
  2. Go to Data Workbench workcenter
  3. Go to the Import tab
  4. Select the radio button Individual Objects
  5. Go to the Update tab
  6. Select the object XYZ
  7. Select Next and Browse for the file
  8. Select Upload
  9. Choose Next

System throws error regarding Boolean type.


1. You entered the values T or F


2. You left the Boolean field empty


Data Workbench accepts Boolean types as True/False or X/" ". If the field is mandatory then ensure that you provide the input.


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