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2459580 - How BizX SEB & ODATA Web Service syncs user data to SF LMS


This KBA clarifies how newly created users in the SuccessFactors HMX Suite get synched to SuccessFactors Learning via the Service Event Bus (SEB) and subsequent call to SF BizX ODATA API made by the LMS system. The Service Event Bus (SEB) is handled by Intelligent Services and is managed by the admin in the Event Center.

It will also detail what integration configurations are required for this communication and data sync between BizX and LMS to work; which, in turn, should help identify if this method of synchronization is currently enabled and being utilized in your integrated environments.


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  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning


How it works

    1. LMS exposes REST APIs to consume events registered in SEB (on the BizX side) which are then responsible for delivering change events to the integrated LMS.
    2. Changes to, or the creation of, a user record in BizX triggers an event in the SEB which subsequently publishes the event and delivers the change to the LMS.
    3. The LMS then makes a call to OData API (BizX) and retrieves the changed or new user data entity to update/create the user in the LMS using LMS OData API user service. 
    4. When implemented successfully this provides integrated systems with an additional method (along with Connectors) to sync new users to the LMS as well as updating a user's default locale and timezone fields when they are changed in the BizX platform.

Configuration Requirements

BizX Suite Configuration Provisioning

In order for the SEB to deliver events to LMS, and for this method of synchronization to work, the SEB needs to be able to obtain the LMS "SuccessFactors Learning Integration API URI" from integrated BizX system's provisioning (see below). Event subscription is only enabled when Learning (LMS) integration is enabled. Therefore the below fields need to be populated correctly in provisioning for this to work.


LMS System Configuration

It is also required that BizX/LMS integration is configured correctly from the LMS side. Please ensure the baseURL in LMS (system admin > configuration > system configuration > Bizx) is correct and also that the Bizx user ID (USERID) matches the student ID (STUD_ID) in LMS (note: Bizx USERID can be seen by performing an Employee Export).

07-05-2017 15-52-07.png

Creating new Users

The SF User Create Event works in much the same way as the user update and both extends the method outlined above reuses the existing connector mapping to deliver events and to insert the user into the LMS. Once the student is created in the LMS via a GET OData call to BizX OData API, it has to go through multiple pre-processes equivalent to connector rules, ensuring that the same connector mapping and transformation rules are applied.

What user fields get created?

The OData Web Services reuses the current connector mapping as defined in the LMS connector configuration file at the time of SEB message processing. This means that any field that is mapped for the SF User Connector and gets updated upon creation. The SEB messaging process also adheres to SF User Connector current configuration settings (default properties, transform rules etc.) at the time of SEB user creation.

What LMS user fields get updated?

Only a user's locale and timezone will get updated to LMS when updated in BizX platform. When an integrated user's default locale or language preference changes in BizX the SEB delivers this change to LMS and the OData call is made from LMS to obtain the user record in question and the new locale/timezone value. Note that this update can only be successful if said locale and timezone values can be matched in the LMS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Extended user profile should be part of the user sync handled by the event bus from version b1702.

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