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2448639 - Legal Entities Disappear When Modifying Company


  • No Data in Company drop down.
  • Legal Entities disappear when editing Company field.
  • When performing a New Hire and changing the Legal Entity, no Companies are available in the drop down list.

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  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Cloud
  • Employee Central
  • People Profile 3

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Add New Employee.
  2. Fill out required information for Identity, Biographical Information, Employee Information, etc...
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Fill out required Personal Information, Country Specific Information, Email Information, etc...
  5. Click Continue, taking you to the Job Information portlet.
  6. Having realized you've chosen an incorrect Company, scroll to the top of the page and click the pencil icon to the right of Identity.
  7. Click the drop down for Company.
  8. Notice the field says "Loading" and the incorrect Company disappears; however no other options are available, only No data is displayed.


Configuration Issue - this is cause missing Value Help configuration by one or more fields that use Legal Entity as a Parent. This could also be caused if a field that has a Parent that is a Child of Legal Entity is missing its Field Criteria.



  • Before clicking the pencil icon to the right of Identity, instead choose a Position under Target Position. This will cause the screen to refresh.
  • Then, when you choose to modify the Identity section, if you click the Company drop down, all of your Legal Entities will be available.


The solution is to correct the configuration. Likely one of more "Object" fields are missing their "Field Criteria" definition. If one of the Objects that is the Child of Legal Entity is missing its Field Criteria, or an object that's Parent has an association to Legal Entity, then it will break the chain. Then the Legal Entity field will no not display any values. This is also true for any other object field. If there is a break in the chain, then the Parent will not display any values.

To resolve the configuration issue, make sure you are specifying the correct Field Critera. You can determine what is the right criteria by reviewing the following KBA: 2287729 - Object Association FAQ - Value Help - Employee Central.

You can check the related objects configuration as follows:

1) Check what the Association is on the Object. In this example, we use Business Unit.

  1. Go to Admin Center > Configure Object Definitions
  2. Search for "Business Unit"
  3. Go down to the Associations section and find out what Object it is associated with.
  4. Copy the Association "Name" to notepad. For example, it is cust_ToCompany
  5. Then using KBA 2287729, determine what the Internal Code field identifier should be (based on whether this is an FO, GO etc - in this example it is a pre-delivered GO, so it should end in .internalId)

2) Add the Field Criteria to the field configuration via Manage Business Configuration

  1. Go to Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration
  2. Choose jobinfo
  3. Click the Details option for business-unit field
  4. Under Field Criteria, set Destination Field Value to company and Source Field Name to cust_ToCompany.internalId
  5. Click Done
  6. Scroll down the jobinfo page and choose Save

See Also

2287729 - Object Association FAQ - Value Help - Employee Central


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