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2429137 - LMS - Packages used to retrieve data in plateau reports (PRD)


Here are the most common, given with the syntax to show how we use the package in a report.


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DECODE(pkg_student.get_stud_qual_status (sq.stud_id, sq.qual_id, sq.qual_id_root), 'Y', 'Yes', 'N', 'No') as completed
– Used in any report for curriculum status

NVL(userPref.preferred_timezone,pkg_state.get_default_timezone) as preferred_timezone
– Used in any report with required dates, due dates, completion dates or assignment dates

DECODE(pkg_rbc.is_qual_req_complete(a.compl_dte, a.exp_dte),'Y','Yes','N','No' ) as req_completed
– Used in curriculum status reports to determine if the curriculum requirement “pool” is complete

DECODE(pkg_rbc.get_stud_qual_req_grp_complete(stud_id, qual_id_root, qual_id, req_group_id),'Y','Yes','N','No') as group_completed
– Used in curriculum status reports to determine if the group of multiple curriculum requirement “pools” is complete

And you will find somewhat specialized packages for specific reports:

pkg_enrollment.localized_enrollment_status(a.SCHD_ID) as stud_enroll_status
– Used in RegistrationStatus

pkg_enrollment.get_stud_waitlist_status(en.stud_id, en.schd_id) as waitlist_status
– Used in RegistrationStatus or probably ClassRoster

Including one or two examples where we use a package in the search selector (only applicable for reports as run from inside Plateau):

pkg_tool.get_date_to_provided_tz(sc.req_dte, userPref.preferred_timezone) > [RangeFrom]
– Used in UserLearningNeeds (Learning Plan) report to compare the requested range of due dates to the user’s time zone. A bit of overkill, perhaps …

Specifically for Exam Reports

pkg_exam.get_question_stem(pkg_tool.get_clob_from_blob(qe.question_data)) as question_object – Found in ExamItemAnalysis, but not really needed

select a.responses,a.choicexml,a.responsetype,a.distractor as question_object from table(PKG_EXAM.get_question_responses(?,?)
– Used in ExamItemAnalysis to get distractors and find correct answer

Used in UserExamSurvey report:

NVL(pkg_exam.get_exam_questions_asked(a.stud_cpnt_id, a.module_id, a.exam_name, a.iteration), 0) as questions_asked

NVL(pkg_exam.get_exam_questions_answered(a.stud_cpnt_id, a.module_id, a.exam_name, a.iteration), 0) as questions_answered

NVL(pkg_exam.get_exam_questions_correct(a.stud_cpnt_id, a.module_id, a.exam_name, a.iteration), 0) as questions_correct

NVL(pkg_exam.get_exam_total_points(a.stud_cpnt_id, a.module_id, a.exam_name, a.iteration), 0) as total_points

NVL(pkg_exam.get_exam_points_scored(a.stud_cpnt_id, a.module_id, a.exam_name, a.iteration), 0) as points_scored

Used in Reports for Competency Profile Status

PKG_STUDENT.STUD_PPRF_COMPLETE(spr.stud_id, spr.pprf_id) – From CompetencyProfileStatus and similar reports on competency status


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