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2414704 - Record Learning Error: 403 Forbidden, Error Requesting Access Token


  • Some admins are unable to record learning for item(s) or schedule Offerings
  • This specific Error message will be displayed in the interface and logs:

com.plateausystems.elms.util.helper.ElmsUncheckedException: Error requesting access token. at com.plateau.sfintegration.impl.trainingevent.CDPTrainingEventServiceImpl.addComponentTrainingEvent( Caused by: Error requesting access token. Caused by: org.springframework.web.client.HttpClientErrorException: 403 Forbidden


  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System
  • Learning admin interface accessed from BizX (or integrated)
  • Record learning wizard
  • Career Development Plan

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to CDP (also known as Career Development Plan) and add a Learning Activity for a user or as a user (self-assigned).
  2. LMS Admin: go to the LMS Admin side (in integrated mode- via BizX) and try recording the learning for the user via the Record Learning Tool.


    Try recording the learning from the Actions menu of the Schedule Offering record.
  3. The error will be displayed and the learning will not be recorded.


  • The communication failure between the LMS and the CDP module is due to a difference in the users/Admin IDs mapping.
  • This prevents the Admin from recording the learning completion.
  • LMS and CDP being two different modules there is a validation process required to authorize communication (in this case: updating the completion status in CDP for the learning recorded in LMS) between both modules.
  • One of the criteria required for this validation to be successful is to have matching match IDs for BizX user, LMS user and LMS Admin who is performing the recording activity.


  • The ID mapping needs to be corrected to ensure that BizX user ID= LMS User ID = LMS Admin ID.
  • In most cases BizX ID=LMS User ID but the LMS admin ID is different and therefore a new admin account needs to be created and related to the LMS user:
  1. LMS Admin> System Admin> Application Admin> Admin Management > search for the admin record who is facing the issue.
  2. remove the association with the current user in LMS (delete the value in the field: "related user" in the Summary Tab).
  3. create a new Admin record with an ID that matches the LMS user ID and BizX ID.
  4. in this new Admin record: associate the corresponding LMS user ID in the "related user" field in the Summary Tab.
  • Matching the IDs is the best recommended practice in a SuccessFactors integrated environment.


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