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2397165 - How do I connect SAP Analytics Cloud to the SAP Cloud Connector and SAP Analytics Cloud Agent?


  • How do I connect the SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP / SAPCP) Cloud Connector (CC) and the SAP Analytics Cloud Agent to SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?
  • How to set up data acquisition with SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector?
  • How can I connect my subaccount / sub-account for the Cloud Connector?


  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector


*Update!: As of SAP Analytics Cloud version 2019.15.1, setting up Data Acquisition between SAC and the SAP Cloud Connector is now fully self service! Previously, the SAP Cloud Operations team was required for this change but now this can be completed using the steps below.

How to determine where your SAP Analytics Cloud system is hosted:

  • Firstly, find your Region Host in the system URL, e.g. <customername> In this example the region host of this tenant would be EU1, which is hosted on an SAP Data Center (NEO Environment).
  • If your tenant is hosted on an SAP Data Center, your region host will consist of 1 digit, eg. EU1.
  • If your tenant is hosted on a non-SAP Data Center (Cloud Foundry), your region host will consist of 2 digits, eg. EU10.
  • For more information regarding SAP Cloud Platform Regions, please visit SAP Cloud Platform Regions.

SAP Analytics Cloud hosted in SAP Data Centers (NEO):

  1. Connect to SAP Analytics Cloud.
  2. Select "System > Administration" from the "Main Menu".
  3. Click "Datasource Configuration".
  4. Click the "Edit" pencil icon.
  5. Enter your S-User.
  6. Click "Add S-User".
  7. Click "Save" icon.

SAP Analytics Cloud hosted in non-SAP Data Centers (Cloud Foundry (CF) / AWS):

  1. Connect to SAP Analytics Cloud.
  2. Select "System > Administration" from the "Main Menu".
  3. Click "Datasource Configuration".
  4. Click the "Edit" pencil icon.
  5. Enter an email address that is associated with an S-User.
    Note: the e-mail address must be associated with 1 S-user ID only, otherwise, it might cause authentication problems in the Cloud Connector.
    1. Alternatively, you may provide an email address that is not assigned to S-User but you will have to register their email address with SAP via → Register Option.
  6. Click "Add S-User".
  7. Click "Save" icon.

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