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2389162 - LMS - External User - PreConfig in LMS and BizX


How to activate external ID in both LMS and BizX?


SAP SuccessFactors LMS

Learning Management System


  • Step 1: Provisioning External Learning Users // ONLY DONE BY PARTNER

Provision external Learning users so that when users from the extended enterprise sign up through learning sites, the core SAP SuccessFactors system is ready to receive them.


  1. Go to Provisioning.
  2. If Enable External Learning User is selected, clear the selection and save.

It is rare that Enable External Learning User would be selected if you have not yet fully engaged this feature. But it could be selected, for example, in a preview environment where you were testing. If it was previously selected, you toggle it off and then back on one time in order to reset the feature.

  1. Select Enable External Learning User.

 Note: To enable the above feature Enable External Learning, you perform other implementations that are referred on this KBA 2394530 - How to Enable the feature "External Learning User"

  • Step 2: Create the role mapping for external users who sign up through external sites. Mapping External Users from Learning Sites to SAP SuccessFactors Roles

Mapping External Users from Learning Sites to SAP: Create a role mapping for external users so that users who log in through SAP SuccessFactors Learning sites are granted the correct permissions.

Prerequisites: Role Based Permissions (RBP) must be enabled.


  1. Log in to Bizx as an Admin
  2. Go to Admin Center.
  3. Open Manage Permission Groups
  4. Click Create New Group For External User.
  5. Setup the people pool per your requirements (example - set a people pool to add in "users" and add the learning admin users)
  6. Under User Type, select External Learner, and then click Done.
  7. Now search and Open Manage Permission Roles in Admin Center
  8. Click Create New (this is to create a new permission role for external users)
  9. Type a name and description for the role and then click Permissions. The Permission Settings page opens.
  10. In User Permissions General User Settings, select User Login.
  11. In User Permissions Learning, select Learning Access Permission. You can select additional permissions. For example, you can grant the external users access to SAP Jam.
  12. Click Done. You return to the Permission Role Detail page.
  13. Click Add. The Grant this role to... page opens.
  14. In Grant role to, select everyone (External Learner).
  15. Click Done. You return to the Permission Role Detail page.
  16. Click Save Changes.
  • Step 3: Configure Learning to send the users across from the sites through Enabling Learning Sites to Send External Users to SAP

Enabling Learning Sites to Send External Users to SAP: Enable Learning sites to send external users to SAP SuccessFactors so that when users from the extended enterprise sign up through Learning sites, they have access to other SAP SuccessFactors features.

Prerequisites: Integrate SAP SuccessFactors Learning into the suite. This is typically done at the beginning of an implementation.

If you aren't sure if you are integrated:

  1. Go to SAP SuccessFactors Learning
  2. Go to System Admin > Configuration > System Configuration > and open BizX
  3. search for successFactorsLearningEnabled
  4. If it is set to true, then you are integrated
  • Step 4: Provision the external users’ capability through Provisioning External Learning Users. Set up role mapping through Mapping External Users from Learning Sites to SAP SuccessFactors Roles


  1. Go to SAP SuccessFactors Learning and then go to System Admin > Configuration > System Configuration
  2. Click edit for BizX.
  3. Find createIntegratedExternalUser and set it to true.

Once all these steps have been successfully completed.

You can confirm that the external user was created in both the LMS and BizX by having the external user log in through the site that they are registered in.

When they sign in, you should see the same top header that an integrated internal learner would, as opposed to someone who had natively logged in the LMS.

Granting Admins Permissions to Manage External Learners:

  1. Go to Admin Center Manage Permission Roles.
  2. Select an admin role you created.
  3. In the Permission Settings page, make sure that the admin has the necessary permissions to manage external learners, such as User Search, Reset User Account, Reset User Passwords, and Access to Integration Center.
  4. In the Grant this role to section, specify External Learner as the target population.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Once these steps are taken you should then be able to see the external users in "Reset user passwords" in admin center.

See Also

Please note that there is no capability at this time to bulk upload external users in BizX. Onlyself-created accounts are being created in BizX.

Additional information about this topic can be found on SAP SF Community


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