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2375919 - Scheduled jobs in SuccessFactors Provisioning for use with User Connector-SF


This knowledge base article clarifies which Scheduled Jobs can be submitted in Provisioning in order for the User Connector-SF to synchronize user data between SuccessFactors HMX Suite (BizX) and the SuccessFactors Learning Management System.


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  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning
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There are now 5 possible jobs that can be submitted in Provisioning (by your Implementation Partner) which are responsible for extracting data from the Employee Profile in SF and placing the respective input file on the SF distributed SFTP (web server for the corresponding integrated LMS system); ready for the SF User Connector to retrieve and process. These are as follows:

  1. Employee Export job - Responsible for creating the user_data_***.txt file containing a full feed of user data (ALL users in BizX Employee Profile) as defined in the user data model
  2. Delta Employee Export job - Also responsible for creating user_data_***.txt file but only contains user data that has changed in an existing Employee Profile since the last export job*
  3. Live Profile Export job - Responsible for creating extended_user_data_***.txt file containing full feed of extended user data (ALL users in BizX Employee Profile) as defined in the extended user data model
  4. Delta Live Profile Export job - Also responsible for creating extended_user_data_***.txt file but only contains user data that has changed in an existing Employee Profile since the last export job*
  5. Integration Center - This job is set-up and configured in the Integration Center in BizX and can pass user_data_***.txt file containing full or delta feed of user data.

* Delta jobs will also include new user data if these users have been created in BizX since the last delta job.

  • The jobs mentioned above can be ran as a once off job or scheduled on a recurring basis.
  • Once these jobs are scheduled and submitted the SF User Connector in the LMS can be scheduled accordingly.


  • To reduce the load on the connector background job server it is highly recommended that delta jobs are ran on a recurring daily basis and full feeds are ran less frequently; for example, on a weekly basis.This is because a data file containing ALL your SF user data (full feed) will take much longer for the connector to process. 
  • For customers who do not have access to provisioning or partner with access, please submit a support case for the platform team to schedule these jobs on your behalf. Open case in support component: LOD-SF-PLT.


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