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2371651 - Required Fields are not stopping the forwarding of the form


Scenario 1:

  • Required Fields are configured on the form.
  • Even if the required fields are not filled out, the form can be moved to the next step without an error message.
  • Issue is only reproducable in the customer instance.
  • After importing the same template into another instance (demoinstance) the issue is not reproducable in the demoinstance.


Scenario 2:

  • Required Fields are configured on the form
  • When trying to route the form forward by accessing the form in the Inbox, you get an warning message as expected and you can't send the form to the next step
  • However, you can see that some forms were moved forward without completing the required fields
  • In the audit trail you don't see any indicator that this was done via the mass route option "Admin Center > Route document"


PMv12 Acceleration

Reproducing the Issue

Scenario 1:

  1. Setting up a form with required fields.
  2. Launching the form.
  3. User does not fill out the required fields and sends the form to next step.
  4. Form is routed even without entries in the required fields.


Scenario 2:

  1. Set up a form with required fields
  2. Launching the form
  3. User accesses the form in Inbox
  4. User does not fill out the required fields, tries to send the form to the next step
  5. User gets a warning message and form does not get send forward
  6. However, user can see that one or several forms from other employees have been sent forward to the next step or completed without filling out the required fields


Scenario 1:

"Version 10 UI" is not enabled in Provisioning of the instance.


Scenario 2:

  • Your xml contains the following configuration: <mass-route-permission type="enabled" validation="false"> and
  • In RBP you have the permission "Manage Documents > Mass Route Document Forward" enabled


Scenario 1:

1. Make sure there is no one logged in and working in the instance. (Just to assure that no one is affected by below actions)

2. Log into Provisioning > CompanyID > Company Settings
3. Uncheck "Version 12 UI framework (Revolution) " and "Version 11 UI framework (ULTRA)". Click the "Save Feature" button to make sure these two options are disabled.
4. Check on "Version 10 UI" and click the "Save Feature" button. 
5. Check on "Version 11 UI framework (ULTRA)" and click the "Save Feature" button.
6. Check on "Version 12 UI framework (Revolution)" and click the "Save Feature" button.
7. Once above actions are completed one by one, log into system
8. Go to Admin Center > Performance Management > Form Template Settings > TemplateName
9. Confirm that the option "Legacy Workflow Routing" is no longer an option on the page
10. If the option is no lionger there, try the routing of the form again.

The required fields should work now


Scenario 2:

Root cause: mass-route-permission allows users to mass route forms via the Inbox - see as well "2076566 - Manage Live Forms - Mass Route Documents from Inbox Using Send to Next Step Button - Performance Management"

Either revoke the RBP permission or correct the xml configuration in the template and relaunch - see example below:

<mass-route-permission type="enabled" validation="false">
      <route-step stepid="2"/>
      <route-step stepid="3"/>


<mass-route-permission type="enabled" validation="true">
      <route-step stepid="2"/>
      <route-step stepid="3"/>

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