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2349970 - Custom New Hire Data Export Feature - Onboarding 1.0


  • Selecting specific fields to be exported in the Custom New Hire Data Export Feature
  • Export information in separate file for each employee
  • Configuring export frequency
  • This KB article explains how to enable the Custom New Hire Data Export Feature

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SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0


For Live Customer(s)

  • The Custom New Hire Data Export Feature is a job at the back end of Onboarding (Super Admin) which enables the application to send a file with candidate's record in a CSV or XML format.
  • This CustomNewHireDataExportFeature triggers a user data export at any point in the Onboarding process other than the completion of the Orientation step (Standard Export if enabled).
  • Enabling this feature is done by an SAP Certified Partner, Consultants, or SAP Professional Services. See KB article 2400090 

For Implementation Partner(s) and Consultant(s)

When creating a custom export, follow the instructions below/use the SAP Help Guide, Create a Custom Export, to assist you on enabling this scheduled export job.


  • Data Dictionary Custom Tag and Mapped Keys
  • Creating Custom Status in an Onboarding Process
  • Enabling CustomNewHireExportFeature 

Data Dictionary Custom Tag and Mapped Keys

  1. Go to Admin Center > Tools > Manage Onboarding Settings (Manage Onboarding/Offboarding Settings will be shown if Offboarding is enabled)
  2. Click on the Data Dictionary sub-tab
  3. Create a new Tag using a unique naming convention (for example, by clicking Integration Namespace at the left pane):
  • SAPSUPPORT-00001 05-20-2019 5.50.52 AM.png
    SAPSUPPORT-00002 05-20-2019 5.51.00 AM.png
    SAPSUPPORT-00003 05-20-2019 5.51.25 AM.png
  1. After creating the Tag, add the fields to be included in the export job

SAPSUPPORT-00004 05-20-2019 5.51.37 AM.png


  • There is no save button, once the fields are moved to the right column it is automatically added
  • The order of the columns in the file is base from the sequence of fields in the right column 

Creating Custom Status in an Onboarding Process

  1. Log into the Onboarding backend and navigate to target account
  2. Select a process and the step to edit/select the step directly from the Processes screen
  3. Select Assign Actions and click Add Action and define the action properties
Field Description Example
Name Defines the action by choosing Select Custom Status Select Custom Status
Execution Type

Defines when the action is executed. There are three options.

  • OnStart: The action is executed when Onboarding activity is advanced to the step.
  • OnFinish: The action is executed when the step is completed.
Filter Define criteria used to decide if the action should be executed DivCode Equals SAP

A status with the name specified in the Key field and the value specified in the Value field will be created when the action is executed

Note! Only one parameter should be defined

  • Key: ExportCustomData
  • Value: True

Reference Image: Process Assign Actions

  • SAPSUPPORT-00000 05-20-2019 5.32.34 AM.png
  1. Click the Create button once done 

Enabling CustomNewHireExportFeature

  1. Log into the Onboarding backend and navigate to target account
  2. Select Features and click CustomNewHireDataExportFeature under Integrations
  3. To create an export job, select the schedule first (Advance Schedule can be use to select specific days and minutes)
  4. Add a valid Email in the scheduled job to receive notification for failed export
  5. Click Add Export to create a custom data export, kindly refer to below table on how to fill the input fields
Field Description Example
Custom Status Name Enter the parameter key set when adding a custom status ExportCustomData
Custom Status Value Enter the parameter key value set when adding a custom status True
Field Set Select the created Tag in Data Dictionary CustomExport
Method Select method of export, use SFTP SFTP
File Format Use CSV to include all record in one file and XML for a separate CSV
Use Custom Headers To create custom header, select the Use custom headers checkbox, then enter your custom header separated by commas in the Headers text box
File Name Format

The name of the exported file

Note: the timestamp is must included, otherwise export job would fail if a file with same name already exists in the folder.

Enable Encryption Encrypt the exported file using a PGP key

Reference Image: Create a Custom Export

  • SAPSUPPORT-00007 05-20-2019 5.58.22 AM.png 
  1. Once fields are all completed, Click Activate


  • The CustomNewHireDataExportFeature uses only one schedule timings for every export created
  • If you want a separate file for each new hire record, use XML format when exporting and enable "Send each record in separate file"

See Also

KB article 2400090 - Scope of SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support for Onboarding


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