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2347149 - Manual Change Made on Scheduled Inovice with Recurrence Pattern Will be Ignored in Follow-Up Documents


You create a sales quote and maintain the scheduled invoice with a percentage value. When creating a follow-up sales order, you find the percentage value in the scheduled inovice is changed intead of copied from the original quote.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the New Business work center.
  2. Go to the Sales Quotes view.
  3. Open the certain quote.
  4. Go to Invoice Schedule tab, add the invoice schedule by clicking on the Edit Invoicing Time Frame button. Select the Reccrence Type as Individual Dates and then add the dates into the time frame. For example, you enter the following 4 dates. 01.07.2016, 05.07.2016, 15.07.2016 and 20.07.2016.
  5. Assign the time frame to the product line and click on the OK button. Now the 4 invoice schedules are added automratically with default percentage 25%.
  6. You manually change the invoice percentage to the following value and wish it could be copied into further sales documents.

01.07.2016 with invoice percentage 25%.

05.07.2016 with invoice percentage 20%.

15.07.2016 with invoice percentage 40%.

20.07.2016 with invoice percentage 15%.

  1. Now click Follow-Up Sales Order out of this quote, go to the Invoice Schedule tab in the new sales order, you find the percentage values of the scheduled invoice were changed. They are not copied from original sales quote, but changed back to the default value.

01.07.2016 with invoice percentage 25%.

05.07.2016 with invoice percentage 25%.

15.07.2016 with invoice percentage 25%.

20.07.2016 with invoice percentage 25%.


Since you are using Recurrence Pattern and hence any manual changes made to invoice schedule will not be copied to new document. Every new document, whether copied for followed up will calculate invoice schedule information based on Recurrence Pattern maintained on it.


This is our standard functionality as of now.

As a workaround, you may manually change the value in the order. Or, you may use the Add Date button to create scheduled invoice date for the product line in the quote instead of using time frame.


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