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2343659 - LMS Collections Knowledge Support and Tips


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1. Facilitating Collaborative Learning (Next Gen)

2. LMS Collections Overview

3. Collections Enhancements

4. LMS Collections Functionality Q2 2016

5. LMS Prerequisites & Configuration

6. Collections – Admin Side

7. Collections – User Sided

8. FAQ Collections

9. Related KBA about LMS Collections

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1. Facilitating Collaborative Learning (Next Gen)

 Employees find great content, privately save knowledge collected from the Web and have no way to easily share it to others within the organization, at best done over email!



Collections, A new feature to enable curating, grouping and sharing external content.

Enables employees to collect and organize Web content and make it easily discoverable by others within the organization.



2. LMS Collections Overview

What is it? 
Admins find great content for the employees, but it is difficult to share it in an efficient and scalable way. Collections is a new feature to enable curating, grouping and sharing external content.

Why is it important?
Admin can create and share collection regarding specific topics in an efficient way External content can also be shared.

Prerequisites & Configuration:
Admin > Learning > Catalogs> Catalog> User Generated Content > Yes / No

Admin > Learning > Catalogs> Catalog> Collections > Add Collection

Admin > Learning > Collections (Preview)

Admin > Users > Assignment

Admin> Users > Assignment Profiles > Assignment Profile > Recommended Collections




3. Collections Enhancements


Q1 2016, we added URL Collections for administrators to manage and recommend.

In Q2 2016, we extended the functionality to end users. End users can now create, manage, recommend, and publish collections.

We also track the views of a collection on the Collection Details page.

Finally, the URLs in the collection can be re-ordered and the entire collection can be deleted.



4. LMS Collections Functionality Q2 2016

User Side

•New collection landing page. ( My Collections, Recommended Collections, Bookmarked Collections )
•User should be able to create their collections.
•P2P recommendation
•Bookmarking Collection
•User can publish collections in to catalog
•User can unpublish collections from the catalog
•Collection needs to be available in the User catalog search (NTH)


Admin Side

•Catalog option to add collections
•Admin should be restricted to recommend only the admin created external links
•Admin should not be able to remove user created collections from the catalog.
•Admin should be able to perform following actions in the user created collection. Edit Collection Title, Description
•Edit External link Title, Description



•Manage collection entries order
•Admin/User can delete the collection



5. LMS Prerequisites & ConfigurationPrerequisites & Configuration:


Workflows added for Admins:

Learning Management:

-Add Collection
-Edit Collection
-View Collection
-Search Collection
-Edit Assignment Profile Recommended Collections
-View Assignment Profile Recommended Collections

Other Required Workflows

-Search External Links
-Add External Links
-Edit External Links

Workflows added for Users :

-Author Collection



•Admin > Learning > Catalogs> Catalog> User Generated Content > Yes / No

•Admin > Learning > Catalogs> Catalog> Collections > Add Collection

•Admin > Learning > Collections (Preview)

•Admin > Users > Assignment



6. Collections – Admin Side

Create New Collection

Learning>Collections (Preview)->Add New



Adding Content to a New Collection

Click on Add button once it is fill the Collection



Add Existing Links to a Collection

Click on Add existing link to add existing links already on the LMS instance


Collections Admin Menu :


- Edit Collections Summary

- Delete Collection

- Change Cover Image


 Collections Admin Menu :Edit Collection Header



 Collections Admin Menu :Delete Collection

Click on Menu Collections : Delete Collection

- Deletes the administrators Collection



Collections Admin Menu : Change Cover Image

Click on Menu Collections : Change Cover Image

Change the image on the top of the collection



Recommend Collections to Users

Users->Assignment Profile->Recommended Collections

Through Assignment Profiles we can recommend Collections to Users




7. Collections – User Sided

Collections User side Overview



Create New Collection

Home Page->Collections (Preview)->Collections->Add New Collection


->Create Button




Collections Menu:

•Edit Collection Summary
•Delete Collection
•Change Cover Image
Collections Menu : Edit Collection Summary

You are able to Edit the Title and if the Collection is or not visible for users.


NOTE: You will not be able to Edit the Collection ID


Collections Menu : Delete Collection

Popup prompt if you are sure to delete the Collection, if Yes, the Collection will be removed.


Collections Menu : Change Cover Image

Enables to upload a new Cover image.

Popup menu to browse and upload image.



Collections Menu : Publish/Unpublish

This enables or disables your Collection to be publish to Catalog.



Collections Menu : Bookmark/Unbookmark

This enables or disables the bookmark of your collection.




Collections Menu : Recommend



Change the order of links in the Collection

•Drag and drop a Collection entry
•ALT + Arrow keys to change the sequence of Collection entries


Search for Collections in the Catalog

User Catalog->Category->Collections checked



 8. FAQ Collections

1. Will there be a workflow controlling if a user can see "My Collections" in the user view?
Users will only have one Workflow:  Author Collection.  This one will manage everything for User Side. If it is removed from the role, user will not be able to create Collections.

2. For whom a user can recommend a collection, to the users from the same structure/organization or to the users who can see the same Catalogs?
On the recommend screen, we enter the user name that will be available to recommend a collection.  You can recommend to any user of the LMS instance.

3. What does it mean that "admin has to allow publishing the collection", what admin has to do?
As our understanding, the only restriction it is to allow the user to have the user workflow: Author Collection, once the user has it, they can publish or unpublish their Collections to Catalog.

4.Will it be possible to localize the content of a collection: title and description by a user?
As this is a new functionality new recommendations, sure it will be considered for future.  This is a good opportunity to recommend to Product Management through Ideas on Community.

5. Supposing that content of collection is localized, if one peer recommends a collection to another peer who has a different language preferences what will happen? Will the peer with a different language settings be able to see recommended collection?
At the moment, they will see it on the language that it was introduce when the collection was created. Peer will see it under Recommended Collection with the language introduce when it was created.

6. If users don't have a workflow "Author Collection", will they still be able to search collections (created by admins) in the Catalog?
Yes, the only thing it is that they will not be able to Create Collections.

7. What that workflow "Author Collection" does?
Add Creation and manage Collections in User Side.

8. What’s the option "Admin > Learning > Catalogs > Catalog > User Generated Content > Yes / No" does?
Manage the visibility or not of the collections generated by the users.

9. Could you tell us if there is a possibility to hide category "Collection" from the Catalog search?
Yes. Using System Configruation --> LMS_ADMIN --> catalogSearchCategories[Collection]=false will be disable.

10.What happen if we remove the “Author Collection” from User Learner Role?
User will not be able to create Collections as the Collection Preview link it is removed, but it will have “Recommendations” on Home page and also it is able to search for collections on the Catalog.


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