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2341294 - Recruiting Marketing (RMK) - Implementation tips & tricks from Support


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Recruiting Marketing is a solution that allows customers to better distribute and market their jobs in order to attract select the best talents. It also offers extensive reports for tracking information. This article summarizes implementation tips and tricks put together by SAP Product Support and can be considered as an addition to the Implementation Guides.

The aim is to centralize some of the more frequently encountered Implementation issues and to give some tips and tricks to avoid any unnessecary delays to an Implementation.

Please note that this article (and sub-articles) are frequently reviewed and updated by Product Support over time, based on our experiences for new and existing customers.

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Implementation tips and tricks for Recruiting Marketing:

Feature / functionality

Description / commentsPotential issues / errors

Knowledge Base Article Link

 Process for Partner requests During implementation partner may need help to configure the system from the internal RMK technical team, or be unsure if what the system is doing is expected or not. The purpose of this article is to explain what channels we have, and how to us it.   -When submit an incident 2341401: Process for partners requests during implementation process – Recruiting Marketing
 RMK technical internal teams This article introduce the RMK technical teams available in the QuickBase system, and when contact each of them.   -What team for what issue 2341858: What are the internal Professional Services teams - Recruiting Marketing
 Real Time Job Sync Real Time Job Sync (RTJS) is one of the method available to post/update customer jobs, the other method is Job Collection/Kapow. This article explain the configurations that have to be configured for the feature work correctly.

 -Jobs are not posting

-Inactive job still posted

2292841: Configuring Real Time Job Sync - Recruiting Marketing

2292809: Jobs are not posting using Real Time Job Sync

 API Credentials and Security Key  The API Credentials and Security Key are necessary for Recruiting Execution (RCM+RMK) integrations.   -SSO or RTJS is not working 2546981: API Credentials and Security Key
 Rules  The rules defines what jobs will appears on each strategy pages. Rules are written for some types of category pages in order to create pages that meet a customer's needs.  -Job is missing from Strategy Page

2345427: Troubleshooting issues with Rules/Strategy Pages

2305898: Strategy Pages Rules

 Career Site Builder  Career Site Builder is a new feature that allows Recruiting Marketing sites to be built and updated by non-technical users, without having to engage the RMK Professional Services team. For Rx customer is can be access in Admin Centre, for the other users it will be available in the RMK Dashboard.  -How to enable/configure it

Jam Group: Career Site Builder

Implementation Guide: Career Site Builder

 Global Job Redirect  The Global Redirect feature is available for Recruiting Execution customers, any time a candidate search or click in a job in RCM, he will be redirected to RMK, for tracking purposes. It is only available for Real Time Job Sync customers.   -Missing tracking data 2317121: Job and Candidate Redirect
 Job Posting

This article explain 10 reasons that can be causing a job to not be posted.

 -Missing jobs 2302876: Top 10 Reasons why a job is not appearing on jobs page
 Job Location  Location formatting can affect how jobs and other features behave in the system. A job with wrong format can cause that it doesn’t appear as posted, or appear wrong in the map location. You will also be able to found important information in the RMK Implementation guide, section 14.

 -Job mapped incorrectly

-Job not posting

2305869: Job Location Best Practices

2305275: Top 10 Reasons why a job is not appearing on the map location

 Candidate SSO   The Candidate SSO is a Recruiting Execution (RCM+RMK) feature. It allows candidates to move from RMK to RCM using one set of login credentials.  -Candidates account are not synced 

2345874: Candidate SSO: User Sync accounts

Implementation Guide: Recruiting Marketing implementation section 17

 Recruiter SSO  The Recruiter SSO is a Recruiting Execution (RCM+RMK) feature. It gives recruiting users with appropriate permissions have one-click access to the RMK Dashboard from the RCM interface.  -RMK Dashboard is not working

2345889: Recruiter SSO not working

Implementation Guide: Recruiting Marketing implementation section 18

 Instance Refresh  This article explains some precautions that should be taken while performing an instance refresh in a Recruiting Marketing customer.  -Jobs not posting correctly 2345935: Instance Refresh for RMK customers



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