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2327262 - How to run a RoambiScript ?


  • RoambiScript is a command line interface to the Roambi API Java Client. It allows the user another way to invoke api calls to Roambi from the command line.


  • In the sections below, we will walk you through the setup as well as a few examples.
  • Requirements:

    • roambi-api-cli.jar
    • Roambi account (credentials and account)
    • Roambi API Client information
    • Java

Creating a New API Key

The first step in leveraging the Roambi API is to create an API Key.  Below is a video as well as step by step text instructions showing you how to login to your Roambi Business account and create an API key.


Step by Step Instructions:

1.  Log in to Roambi using your Roambi account credentials (see Logging in to Roambi).

2.  Click the Administration button to load the Administration panel:


3.  On the left pane of the Roambi Business Administration console, click the API Clients tab:


The Administration console displays the API Clients tab:


4.  Click the Create a New API Client button to go to the registration screen for your new API client:


5.  Type the Name and Description , and Redirect URI for your app, and as prompted, check the box to indicate that you have read and agreed to the Roambi API Terms of Use.

Once you accept the Terms of Service, the console enables a Done button. Note that the Redirect URI specified here must match the redirect_uri parameter in the API call to the /authorize endpoint in order for Roambi to issue an Authorization Code.

6.  Click the Done button.

7.  Click the client entry to view the application details:  The Consumer Key maps to the Client ID parameter and the Consumer Secret maps to the Client Secret parameter. You will need these parameters later.

Java Installation

Java is a prerequisite for running the Roambi API Command Line Utility.  

Please choose the Operating System for instructions to install Java:

JAR File Installation

To obtain the RoambiScript jar file (roambi-api-cli.jar), visit the following page and download the compiled jar:


Save the roambi-api-cli.jar file to a location on your machine.  We recommend creating a separate folder that is easy to navigate to.  For example:



Properties File Creation

In order for the utility to be able to connect to connect to your API client, you must create a properties file with some necessary information:

  •  server.url
  •  consumer.key
  •  consumer.secret
  •  redirect.uri
  •  username
  •  password


Note: If your network is configured with Proxy servers, enable access via proxy add the following lines to the properties file:


Note: Do not add the protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) when setting the proxyHost parameter.


The utility offers a command that will prompt the user for each of the aforementioned items and then will create the properties file.  Follow these steps to create the properties file:

1.  Open the command prompt in Windows.

2.  Navigate to the folder location of the roambi-api-cli.jar file:

For example: cd C:\RoambiScript\

3.  Type the following command:

java -jar roambi-api-cli.jar configure

4.  Enter the details provided from the Roambi Business API client that you just created.  When entering the "api server URL", depending on the data center you choose when registering enter:



5.  Once complete, you should find a "" file in the same location as your roambi-api-cli.jar file.

Please see the video and step by step instructions below.







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