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2327231 - What is the External Learning Request form?


We would like to explore the possibility of our users submitting External Learning Request but we cannot find information on how to set it up.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System


Request Form:

You can configure the request form template in System Administration -> Configuration -> External Learning Requests.

From the HELP files:

  • You can use the External Requests section to configure the form that administrators and users see when they create an external learning event request;
  • We recommend that you start with the Instructional Text area. For each section (A, B, and C) of the external request, you can provide instructions to your users or administrators by typing them on the respective tab;
  • In the User Information area, several of the fields (for example, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and so on) have a list associated with them. When you select a user custom field from that list, the system pulls that data from the user's record (People -> Users -> Custom Fields tab) and prepopulates the form with that information, if it exists;
  • If you do not see a custom column that you need, then you can create a new one in the User Custom Fields section (System Administration -> Custom Fields -> User);
  • Because administrators and users can access your instructions by clicking the Instructions link for each section of the external request form, we strongly recommend that you provide guidance to these users for each section of the form.

 Note: As per KBA: 2347060 - External Request Form (SF-182) isn't hiding sections when Display checkbox is unchecked

It is currently not possible to hide section headers in the External Request From.

  • All of the section names are hard coded (including the Applicant's Name section) per the SF-182.
  • These can be globally renamed using labels, but not removed

Please refer to the KBA above for details on a Workaround.

Approval Process:

You can set up the approval process in System Administration -> Configuration-> Global Application Settings -> Approval Process Settings:

When a supervisor is due to approve training request, they will be notified (using the ExternalLearningRequestApprovalRequired notification template).

 The supervisor can approve the request from the "Approvals" page (on the user interface->Links tile->Approvals-> External Trainings section).


  • User role (users and supervisors):

"Access External Learning Requests"

  1. Navigate to the permission tab in the role you wish to edit;
  2. Select "add one or more from list";
  3. Select "expand all";
  4. Search for "Access External Learning Requests".

This controls access to the External request page to submit a new request and view the progress of existing ones.

"Access Record External Learning Events".

This permision enables users or supervisors to record learning for those external trainings.

IMPORTANT: the permission is available in 2 workflow groups:

  1. Learning: it gives users permission to record learning for their own training requests.
  2. My Employees: it gives permission to record learning for their subordinate's requests. 
  • Admin role:

View requests from the user record:

  1. Navigate to the permission tab in the role you wish to edit;
  2. Select "add one or more from list";
  3. Select "expand all";
  4. Search for "View User External Learning Request".


Additionally you may add or remove the following permissions:

  1. Edit User External Learning Request.
  2. Edit Approved External Learning Request.
  • To access the template:
  1. Navigate to the permission tab in the role you wish to edit;
  2. Select "add one or more from list";
  3. Select "expand all";
  4. Search for "External Requests".

This permission controls the access to the form template in System administration -> Configuration;

  • To report on external requests:

Navigate to the permission tab in the role you wish to edit > select "add one or more from list" > expand "Reports" > search for Run External Request Data Report and Run External Request Tuition Report.

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