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About Roambi permissions and access control


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File Level Access Control

The Roambi file system uses a file-level access control paradigm. This means that each folder and file within that folder can have a separate set of permissions and access control assigned to it. Simplistically, this means that the Roambi file system does not utilize a folder inheritance structure, as each file and folder can have it's own independant permissions.


Global Permission Types

The Roambi file system has two high-level permission schemes that can be applied to both folders and files. These permission types are:

  • Restricted - Each file or folder must have users and/or groups explicitly added.
  • Everyone - The "Everyone" permission allows everyone in the Roambi account to have access to the file or folder, regardless of role or group affiliation.


Folder Permission Types

Folders in the Roambi file system can one of two folder specific permission types:

  • View Only - Users and groups with this permission can browse this folder but not publish content to it.
  • Publish and View - Users and groups with this permission can browse this folder and publish content to it.


Roambi File Permission Types

Roambi Analytics and Roambi Flow documents have two  Roambi file specific permission types:

  • Owner - The owner of the Roambi file has editing capabilities of the Roambi document. The Roambi document will be displayed in the users project gallery of the Roambi Publishers.
  • People With Access - Users and groups have access to view this Roambi document but not edit.


Source File Permission Types

Source files, such as XLS, XLSX, CSV and HTML only have one permission type, which allows users and groups to use the source file in the Roambi publishers. Source files do not have an owner and can only be uploaded to the Roambi file system by an administrator.


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