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2326693 - RoambiScript: How to create a folder in the Roambi Library (mkdir)?


The mkdir option allows a RoambiScript user to create a folder in the library of their Roambi Business Organization. In the article below we will walk you through the creation of a RoambiScript command that will execute the mkdir command.


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Every RoambiScript argument has the same structure:

[main class] [options] [command] [command options]

Let's break down each of the pieces for the mkdir (create folder) command.


[main class]

The main class executes RoambiScript.

java -jar roambi-api-cli.jar



The options parameter is where you designate the path and name of your properties file. If your properties file resides next to your RoambiScript jar file, there is no need to provide the path. Simply provide the file name.




RoambiScript allows you to choose from 19 different commands.  In this example, we are going to use mkdir to create a folder in our Roambi Business Library.



[command options]

The mkdir command has three options:

1. --folder - this is the path and name of the parent folder in which you will be creating this new folder. If left blank, the folder will be created in the root directory.

2. --title - title of the new folder

3. --permission - you can set permissions on this file to a particular user or a group. This is an optional parameter but it is recommended that you set permissions when creating a folder via mkdir.


When we piece everything together it looks like this example.  The CAPS indicates what arguments you will need to change for your example.

java -jar roambi-api-cli.jar -props mkdir --folder PARENTFOLDER --title NEWFOLDER --permissionNAME@EMAIL.COM


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