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2326666 - How to configure Launchpad for Pulse view


Roambi has recently updated it's Launchpad capabilities by adding in the ability to open a Pulse view with a specific row and/or filter dimension selection.    This allows applications outside of Roambi, either native or web apps, to open the Roambi app and focus on a particular dataset in the Pulse view.

In summary, the Application Link is copied from the information page of a particular RBI.  Once that URL is determined, there are additional pieces of information required to pass in the URL:

  • Name of the field used for the Row Dimension
  • Name value of the Row Dimension item
  • Name of the field used for the Filter Dimension
  • Name value of the Filter Dimension item

Once you have the following items, you can begin to construct your URL:

Application Link &defaults= {"selections": [{"Row Dimension Name": "Row Dimension Value","Filter Dimension Name": "Filter Dimension Value"}]}

Please note that you may pass the Row Dimension, Filter Dimension or both. If you choose to pass the Filter Dimension selection, your template RBI must have a filter dimension.

Note: For a video walkthrough, please see the Roambi Card example here.


Roambi Cloud


Here are the explicit steps needed to construct the final URL:

1) Publish RBI on Roambi Business

2) From Project Gallery, click on (i) under that RBI you just published

3) Click on Links and copy Application URL

4) Paste it on notepad  (or any plain text editor)

5) Add   &defaults=   

6) Log onto this website :

7) Paste: {"selections": [{"Row Dimension Name", "Row Dimension Value","Filter Dimension Name": "Filter Dimension Value"}]}

8) Enter the Names and values that you want to view


9) ENCODE it on the site in Step 6

10) Add the encoded string to the URL after Step 5

11) Tapping this link on device will launch the RBI with the configured Filter Dimension value AND Row Dimension value selected.

IMPORTANT:  The Row Dimension Name, Row Dimension Value, Filter Dimension Name and Filter Dimension Value are all case sensitive when constructing your url.


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